Sunday, 15 June 2008

Chapter 71

By the time the guys had done the sound check and a few interviews they had to do it was getting on towards three. They needed to head back and grab some food and start to get ready for the show.

They’d laughed about how Ally hadn’t wanted Mike to look after her, and that Jon better be careful as it was his idea, no one else’s and they wouldn’t help him if she went after him.

‘Knowing our Ally, she’s probably killed him and buried him in one of those peat bogs they talk about.’ Dave chuckled.

‘Nah she’s saving that one for Jonny boy here.’ Richie chimed in.

Tico wondered about Al, he’d tried her cell several times during the day and nothing, not a murmur. He got worried so he’d tried Mikes nothing there either, fuck! He hadn’t told the others yet. Jon would have a shit fit, he was hoping they were at the hotel and their cells were turned off.

Arriving back Tico headed straight for his room, praying she was there and just in a snit. ‘Ally querido I’m back.’ Not a freakin sound. He phoned the reception desk and asked if she’d been seen, the answer was not since she’d left not long after them, arm in arm with a man. He thanked them and hung up.

He pulled out his cell and tried both of them again, nothing. He started swearing, and headed out the door to Richie’s room.

He banged on the door and he heard Rich muttering, the door jerked open and the smartass comment froze in Richie’s throat when he saw a pale looking Teek, ‘What the fucks wrong bro?’

‘Al’s not back and I can’t reach either of them of their cells, no ones seen them since they left this morning.’ Tico wiped his hand over his face, praying that Al would walk in any second.

Richie steered Tico to Jon’s room, banging on Dave’s as they passed.

‘What?’ Came the growl from David, as he opened the door.

‘Emergency Davy, get in here now!’ David all but ran into Jon’s, he only heard that tone in Richie’s voice if the shit had hit the fan somehow.

‘What the hell, can’t I get any peace from y…?’

‘Ally and Mike aren’t back and Teek can’t reach either of them. They’ve been gone since just after we left.’ Richie’s face was full of concern.

Jon snapped out his cell and tried for Mike’s, it went straight to voicemail. They next number got Marco, Mikes second in command. He gave him a run down what was happening, Marco said that Mike’s phone like theirs had GPS tracking in it and he’d get it found. Jon hung up.

‘You know, they could just not have cell reception.’ David for once the calm voice of reason in this melee, ‘You’ve seen her work Teek, she’s just gets involved, like Jon does when he writes. They’ve probably not realised the time, and not realised they’ve no signal. Give them another thirty minutes or so before you start to panic. All of you need to calm the fuck down.’ Walking to the mini bar he took out four tumblers, filled three with straight bourbon and one with diet coke, ‘Here, drink this and sit down.’

For once in their lives they actually took notice of him and did as he told them.

‘Ok, who the fuck are you and what have you done with my bro?’ Richie asked with a slight case of awe, he’d never seen David take charge; it was normally Jon or himself.

‘Bite me Mookie, you guys just jump to the worst scenario and shorted out the other possibilities in your brains.’ He grinned at them, then took a hearty swallow of his drink and prayed the fuck he was right.

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