Monday, 30 June 2008

Chapter 76

The following day all the guys kept an eye on Al! So much so, she nearly killed the whole lot of them, what a bunch of mother hens’. Tico just laughed when she told him if they didn’t quit it she’d string the lot of them up by their balls.

‘But miel the fuckers are sending me scranny! Can’t you tell them to give it a rest?’ she batted her lashes at him, he laughed again.

‘Mi Corazon (my heart), they love you and don’t want anything to happen to you.’ The arm around her shoulders tightened as he pulled her in and kissed her forehead.

Al sighed, ‘Mi vida (my life) I love them too, but look at them they keep glancing at me like I’ll go poof! Then there’s the touching, Jesus, they walk passed and, ok watch David.’

Tico watch him and as David walked passed her, his hand brushed her arm. Then seconds later Richie did the exact same move. Damn she was right they’d gone from over protective to smothering! ‘Ok querido, I’ll talk to them.’ He kissed her and left Mike lurking behind her, watching her too.

Mike had been roasted by Jon about the catastrophe of yesterday. But just as Jon really started to get into it, Ally had walked in, told Jon to shut the fuck up and leave Mike alone. And if he carried on she’d leave and go home, it wasn’t Mikes or her fault what had happened, time and fate had over taken them.

Jon looked stunned, and she’d walked over to him, pecked his cheek and told him not to worry she wouldn’t tell the others he was afraid of her! He’d nearly wet himself laughing, she’d dragged Mike out the door before he’d had time to recover.

Tico rounded up the guys, just managing to stop Jon from touching her too. ‘Ok assholes listen up! Ally isn’t going anywhere so unless you want to piss her off more than she is, cut the touchy feely shit!’

‘What touchy shit bro?’ Richie voiced what the others thought, what was Teek on about.

He stood there looking at each of them, they’d not realised what they’d been doing, well hell. ‘Every time one of you walks passed Al, you brush her arm to make sure she’s still there.’

The others laughed at him, then saw he was serious and wondered if they had been.

‘Rich, David, you’ve both just done it, I’ve watched you! Jon you were just about too! Try to reign it in guys otherwise she’ll go nuclear on your asses, I’m only tellin ya for your own good.’

‘Did I, I can’t remem…………. Oh hell, I did, didn’t I? I’m surprise she didn’t say anything!’ David went a bit red faced.

‘Seems we have issues about yesterday and we didn’t realise it. Ally may not have been with ‘us’ very long Teek, but she’d wormed her way into all of our hearts.’ Jon said with a serious look on his face, and the rest of the guys nodding and agreeing with him.

Each of the guys walked over to Ally and hugged and pecked her on the cheek, even Richie, no tongue. They said sorry to her and told her if they did it again to slap them. They also told her what Jon had said and that they all agreed with him; this nearly had Al in tears.

To break the tension Richie flipped her over his shoulder and ran with her screaming, ‘Put me the fuck down Lurch before you hurt yourself, you’re not young any more!’ But she was laughing all the time, bouncing over his shoulder.

‘Sambora, put her the hell down you idiot!’ Both Jon and Tico shouted, then they took off after him.

Later they rocked Ireland once again, all on a high from the laughter they’d shared.

Al was stood down the front, with Mike looming behind her, as well as Marco watching every move she made. She felt suffocated and protected all at once, she wasn’t sure she liked it, but she put up with it.

That was till she needed the loo, and her bodyguards, she rolled her eyes at the thought, but that’s what they are, wanted her to go all the way backstage and use Tico’s loo, instead of going to the normal loo’s. She lost it and told them if they thought she was plaiting her legs and running off to use a private bathroom, when in ten steps she’d hit the ladies, they’d got another thing bloody coming!

Mike and Marco were unhappy, but neither wanted to piss her of. Smart boys!

By three am they were back in London and heading straight to bed. Al and Tico snuggled into each others arms and fell straight to sleep, content just to hold each other.


Sunstreaked said...

I'm doing a drive-thru posting! I have to catch up on chapters where I'm behind, but you are one of the very most talented writers out here in jovi blog land and I know it's so discouraging to not get ANY feedback. Hence, the drive-by one quickly today.

There are readers out there...I'm one of them and I'm gonna catch up as quickly as I can because I have loved this story from the very first few chapters!

Keep going, girl, you've really got something here!

Joviswoman said...

Thanks for that*pats swelled head* lmao.

I know what you mean at the min I'm so into my writing I don't read!

Thanks again honey!

And ONE day I'll finish reading yours.