Thursday, 3 July 2008

Chapter 77

She came awake slowly, realising she was wrapped in a firm embrace, and in her own bed! They were laying on their sides, her back to his front, his chest rising gently behind her. She felt so damn cared for! Opening her eyes she sighed looking at Tico’s dark tanned hands entwined under her breasts with her pale ones. She did tan, but it took a hell of a long time because she was prone to burn. But when she did get one it lasted for ages!

Al laced her fingers with Tico’s, six days, that’s all it had been! How in god’s name had she gotten so damn lucky? Her other fingers ran through the hair on his arm, making patterns.

She brought his hand up and kissed it, tucking it between her naked breasts, sighing with happiness.

‘Miel?’ Al jumped, she hadn’t realised he was wake, he snuggled her more into him and she smirked, not only was he awake, all of him was up and running.

‘Yes querido?’ She twitched her butt against his rock hard dick.

‘How bout we celebrate being home?’ He’d called it home; she got a silly sappy look on her face.

She turned in his embrace, waggling her eyebrows at him ‘What you have in mind mi amour?’ She threw her leg over his waist, his dick in perfect alignment and without preamble he pushed forward and buried himself into her hot soaked centre.

They both groaned. It felt like they’d been doing this dance for years instead of days. Kissing and caressing each other, each burning for the other. Breath and tongues mingled. Al’s hands buried into Tico’s hair, one on his hands on the leg she’d thrown over him an almost painful grip anchoring her to him as his pace picked up. The other hand snuck under her waist and he’d got a good grip on her ass.

Tico could feel her start to crest and needed to be with her, he flipped her fully onto her back and started to thrust faster and faster.

Al’s insides gripped onto his dick as she hit the edge of her orgasm, screaming his name; Tico was one thrust behind her as he buried himself deeper in her and spilt his seed into her, as he shouted her name in return.

They lay there panting and the sweat cooling on their skins, ‘Now that’s the best welcome home I’ve ever been given.’ Al said a soft smile playing her puffy lips.

‘Yeah,’ Tico said, ‘Least there’s no damn banging/shouting/razzing this morning, kids must still be in bed.’

They both laid there chuckling, before finally heading to the shower to get clean, then they got dirty while in there and had to start all over again!

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