Monday, 28 July 2008

Chapter 95

Liz walked through the door and grabbed Al in a bear hug, both girls crying softly.

A soft knock at the door, broke them apart, ‘Whoever it is get the hell away from my door. Torres I’ll send your stuff to wherever the hell you end up, now leave!’ Al had gone passed angry and was now nursing a broken heart, how could he go along with Jon?

‘Ally honey, its Carol and Steph can we come in please the boys are downstairs with the children.’

Liz looked at Al with the ‘who’ look, ‘Its Jon’s mother and daughter.’ Liz went white; she didn’t want to meet his family with all this shit flying about!

Al saw Liz’s face, but shrugged her shoulders, the woman had done nothing to hurt her, her son had. She undid the door and stepped back as Steph and her grandmother walked in, Steph carrying some drinks. Carol took one look at the two girl’s faces and opened her arms to both of them. With little hesitation Al and Liz walked into her embrace.

‘Oh darlin’s I’m so damn sorry, talk about shit hitting the fan! I honestly thought John would tell you before today.’ The girls holding onto her and sobbing quietly, they felt safe in Carol’s arms.

‘We’ve brought you drinks and cookies, I’m sorry daddy’s been a jackass! Unfortunately it happens, but my uncles should have known better!’ Steph seemed to have her fathers temper, and at the minute it was aimed squarely at her father.

Liz and Al pulled away from Carol, who handed them some tissues that magically appear out of grandmothers pockets. They dried their eyes and Carol took in the two girls, no, women in front of her. She eyed up the woman who is her sons, well might still be, girlfriend. She was John’s height, and her dark spiky hair was a little flat with being slept on, the grey eyes full of turmoil and hurt.

‘Steph I’m sorry you heard that, I feel terrible, I just lost it! I’d asked him if there was anything else I should know, and he said no! Carol I’m truly sorry ….’

‘Aw hush, John did wrong and you nailed his ass to the wall, Stephanie, do not tell your daddy I’ve been swearing and I won’t tell him you called him a jackass. He’s a big boy and should know by now shit happens when you lie!’

‘Ally I’m fine with it, daddy deserved what he got, boy I bet his ears were red!’ she grinned and looked so much like her father Liz caught her breath. ‘Liz I’m sorry you had to meet us like this, nana said daddy was seeing someone.’ Steph held out her hand to Liz, for her age she showed remarkable maturity. Liz shook it and found out Steph had the Bongiovi mega watt smile.

‘I’m sorry too, I just couldn’t help myself. How could he lie like that?’ Liz looked at Carol, who shook her head; she hadn’t raised him like this.

A timid knock on the door had the women jumping a little, they all laughed self-consciously; Steph went to the door and opened it.

‘Hey Steph do you think I could please have a word with Ally?’

‘Daddy, I think you should leave, you’ve done enough damage here.’ Her tone was sharp with the father, and she blocked the door with her slight body.

Carol walked over and saw her eldest son had seemed to look his age, he had a haunted look in his eyes, one she’d not seen before and he looked contrite. Maybe he’d realised people’s emotions shouldn’t be taken for granted. Looking over her shoulder she saw Ally straightening her spine, and Liz heading into the bathroom to dress. ‘Looks like Ally’s going to talk to you son, but I swear on your life, you don’t fix this you will not be welcome at my home ever again, do I make myself clear?’ She snapped this out.

Jon realised looking at his daughter and mom he’d really become lowest or low in their eyes, and Liz’s, damn he was an ass! His mom looked damn serious about what she said, and he knew damn well she’d stick to it, and that he couldn’t have, his family was everything to him. ‘Yes ma’am.’

With that Carol and Steph left the room, and Ally followed them out of the door, pulling it closed behind her, ‘We’ll go into my office.’ She brooked no argument, he nodded and followed her, glancing back at the door, wanting to talk to Liz, but knowing Ally took priority at the minute.

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okay, LOVE Carol and Steph taking up for Ally. Now, bring on the begging for forgiveness! lmao

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