Monday, 21 July 2008

Chapter 87

She quickly changed purses and headed off to find the boys, hell that really should be men! She laughed, ah well, boys seemed, more, well normal; and she really needed that at the minute. Everything seemed to be happening so fast, the way Tico and she had fallen into life as a couple. The fact that she’d gone from one person living in her home to six, seemed overwhelming. She needed to take a break and sit down with this change of life and give it some prospective, when she had a minute!

She slung her purse over her shoulder and headed downstairs, she could hear the guys talking and laughing, damn it sounded lovely and weird at the same time. As she hit the bottom step she realised they all gone quite, looking up she saw all five jaws being scraped off the floor, ‘What?’ taking the last step down.

Jon just signalled her to turn about, with an eye roll she complied, arms akimbo she turned about.

‘Holy fuck, darlin are you trying to kill us?’ Richie couldn’t believe what he was looking at. Hell they all knew Ally was pretty but when really dressed up, she was gorgeous!

Al looked at Tico, ‘I told you miel, I’m gonna have ta kill him!’

‘Oh for god’s sake! I get dressed up to go to a nice restaurant and you make a big deal out of it! Jezz!’

‘But Ally, we love the way you’ve been dressed the last few days, jeans and t-shirts rule our lives, but damn girl you look hot!’ David said, hanging his tongue out and panting.

Tico reached over and slapped him upside the head, ‘Stop drooling on the carpet idiot!’

‘I got dressed up in Ireland!’

‘Yeah, but that compared to this, well no contest, this looks way hotter honey!’ Richie announced. Hell Al thought she’d worn jeans every night, sparkly ones, and some very low cut tops, so what was different? Men, funny buggers really.

‘Well one thing for sure, I know damn well the lady is commando in those leathers!’ This came from a smirking Jon.

Tico’s head whipped to his beloved, then back to Jon, ‘She’s got underwear on, tell him querido.’

Al blushed bright red, but looked all the men straight on, ‘Sorry miel, Jon’s right, the panties had to go.’

Tico’s jaw hung slack, she’d taken them off and now all his brothers knew this, fuck, fuck, fuck! ‘Darlin, are you tryin to give me a heart attack or what?’ He shook his head, why did Jon have to spot what she’d done and ask? Tico could have lived without that knowledge, now he’d just keep thinking about it all damn night!

‘No I’m not, but it’s early yet.’ Sticking her nose in the air she sauntered passed all the guys, they all inhaled her scent, damn she even smelt good. She strode to the door, ‘Are we going or are you all staying here?’

‘No we’re going, if only to stop other men throwing themselves at you honey!’ David said.

Al waited for them to catch up and took a good long look at the men before her. David had on pale beige slacks and a white shirt, open and when he turned you could see the joker appear, on his feet beige loafers.

Richie, well she hid a snicker, black dress slacks, and a black shirt, open nearly to his navel. It showed his tanned and toned chest off perfectly, he certainly knew what the ladies liked. And peeking out where a beautiful pair of black cowboy boots.

Hugh had on a pale green shirt and black trousers, with black shoes. Very cute looking and green certainly was one of his colours!

Then she came to Jon, a deep blue shirt, opened at the neck but not as far as Richie’s, it made his blue eyes a whole hell of a lot bluer! Black trousers and black polished shoes finished him off! Hell good job she was spoken for, because all of these men looked hot! And a woman would be spoilt for choice.

Al was the last out the door, flicking on the outside light and locking the door. Turning she saw all the guys lined up, bowing at the waist, one arm stretched to the limousine door, ‘Your carriage awaits m’lady.’ The all said in unison, laughing she walked passed them, slapping each head as she went, making them all yelp. Tico laughed after she’d swiped him too and handed her into the limo, following her closely so as none of the others got near her, his mouth watered looking at her ass, knowing the only thing between them was a pair of trousers!

The others piled in except for Jon who walked down to Liz’s. David and Richie tried to move Tico from Ally’s side, but he threatened them with sneaking into their rooms and finding a use for his old drumsticks, they soon shut up!

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