Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Chapter 88

Liz was pacing nervously, good god she was going out on a date, well sort of one, with Jon! Holy hell!

She checked her make up for the thousand time. Still ok!

Damn her bedroom looked like a clothes bomb had gone off in it! She’d gone through twenty outfits, and like most women, had on the first one she’d tried on. She had on black linen slacks and a silk dark blue spaghetti strapped top. She had on her favourite CMF’s, black four inch ones, they fit like a glove and had never blistered her feet, and more importantly, never fell off them, even when drunk!

The doorbell jangled her out of her revere, oh god, he’s here, and her mouth was suddenly very dry. She picked up her purse and dropped in her door keys, here we go!

Liz opened the door and just stood there, damn the man was handsome. Then she spotted what he was wearing and started to laugh, ‘Holy crap Jovi, do you have a camera in my house or what?’ She laughed again as his look was wtf?

Jon looked and drooled as the door opened, damn she looked good enough to eat! And if his brothers weren’t waiting for them, they’d be late and she’d be mussed. When she started to laugh he thought she’d lost it, till she pointed out what they were both wearing, shit they looked like Teek and Ally did, colour co-ordinated, damn! ‘Well Lizzie darlin I sure hope to shit you can take a ribbing; because we’re gonna get shit thrown at us from all sides. Christ, even Ally and Teek don’t look this co-ordinated.’

‘Maybe I should change…’ Jon cut her off saying no way, he’d tough it out if she could, and that she looked damn hot, so no she couldn’t change. Then he leant in and kissed her, nothing else touching, just lips. When he moved away she was gasping for air!

She closed the door behind her and he offered her his arm, linked together they walked to the limo, ‘Boy you don’t do things by halves do you, a limo no less, very nice sir.’ All of her nervous had gone bye byes after finding they’d matched, and she’d laughed.

As they drew to the car, the door opened and Richie got out, damn Jon thought here we go.

‘Lizzie darlin you look a picture.’ With that he handed her into the car, Jon’s jaw was on the floor, what no pot shots?

‘Ok who the fuck are you and what’ve you done with my brother?’

‘Man just cause you look like fuckin twins, doesn’t mean I have to piss her off, you I don’t care about! She’s got Ally on her side and that’s scary bro.’ With that he got in, Jon followed quickly. All the way to Mandy’s the guys didn’t say a word about their attire, just joked and talked, filling Liz in about the Ireland debacle.

When they pulled up outside Mandy’s the men in the party wondered what was going on, but Hugh climbed out and went into the flats. Liz and Al grinned like idiots, they knew who lived here, and damn the man was fast. Mind you Al thought, fairly slow compared to her and Teek!

A few minutes later Hugh hand in hand with Mandy emerged, ‘Well damn the boys finally took the plunge!’ This came from David seconded by Tico.

Richie jumped out again and opened the door for them, kissing Mandy on the cheek and making her blush beet red telling her she look beautiful. And she did, she looked like a female version of Richie, all in black, but hers had sparkles on it, slacks and a low cut black top. She’d splashed out after work and gave into the need that pinched her every night as she walked home passed a shoe shop, she’d looked longingly in the window for weeks. Tonight she went in, tried them, and then brought them, five inch blood red CMF’s with a black dragon on them.

‘Well hell Rich looks like you and I are the odd ones out, no dates for us.’

‘Aw but boys you’ve got each other, you make a cute couple!’ Al cracked out laughing, the others joining in, Richie and David looked affronted!

‘Honey I’m just so damn far out of his league, so people will know it’s a pity date.’ David sniffed.
Richie just looked at him, ‘Fuck you asshole, you’re out of my league!’ Thus the argument went all the way to the Ivy. The girls laughing and clutching their sides, Mandy now felt right at ease with them, it helped that Hugh hadn’t let go of her hand yet!


Anonymous said...

I love your Story. I went through it in two days and it was really hot and funny. Hope to read the next part soon..... :o)

I´m obviously enjoying your fantasy... ;o)And your writing...... sometimes i felt like beeing hidden in the locker.....:o)

Joviswoman said...

Glad you like the humour! I don't do sex scenes too well hence more fun lmao!

2 day huh, did you do ANY work lol?

And I'm the fly on the wall watching it all go passed me ;)

Gail x

Sunstreaked said...

Gotta tell ya, really enjoying this story! Laughed out loud TOO many places to even post 'em! I think humor is one of the strongest things you have going in this story and it is done so well you may just be the master of it!

Hope you keep taking us for a ride!