Thursday, 10 July 2008

Chapter 78

Al awoke a short time later and leaving a tired Tico fast asleep she dressed in jean and one of his sweat tops, breathing in his aroma of cigars and aftershave. A heady mix! He hadn’t really smoked while they’d been together, but when he had, she’d been with him, loving the aromas of his cigars. She kissed him before she left; he smiled and murmured ‘querido’ in a contented way, snuggling up to her pillow.

With a grin on her face she headed downstairs, first order of the day coffee and food, in no particular order!

Reaching the bottom, daydreaming, she crashed into a wall of warm, rock hard flesh. She rebounded off the body and only because he caught her arms and yanked her back to his chest, was she saved from a sore butt.

‘Well darlin, if you’re not careful I’m gonna start thinking your throwing yourself at me instead of Teek.’ Those other damn brown eyes laughed into hers as he brushed his lips to hers, ‘Mornin Ally. Coffee?’

‘Shit Rich, you nearly gave me a heart attack!’ Her heart felt like it had lodged in her throat.

He laughed and took her hand dragging her into the kitchen and furnishing her with a mug of coffee.

‘So are you the only one up? And Rich are you sick? You’re up and running, but I’m sure you haven’t had fifteen hours sleep.’

‘Keep that up and I’ll not cook breakfast/lunch.’ He rolled his eyes and smiled, damn fans know he loved his bed. ‘And Jon’s already headed out to track your Liz down.’

Al laughed, he’d find she wasn’t at home, but at work, ‘How longs he been gone?’

‘Only a few minutes.’

‘Well Rich he’s going to find he’s shit out of luck. She’s at work.’ Richie grinned and they both took a mug of coffee and sat on the couch facing the door waiting for Jon to return.

‘So have you figured out if you want to meet Jo yet?’

Richie nearly choked on a sip of scalding hot coffee, ‘Who says I even like the woman?’ His eyes were hooded and shifty.

‘Aw come on Lurch, your jumping through hoops to talk to her, and I know damn well that’s what you were up to last night, damn this morning. That’s why I’m surprised to see you awake so early! Come on, fess up, your interests been piqued?’

‘Damn you’re good! Yeah she seems a real sweetheart. And we talked till five, and then I had to sleep. She’s got some spunk, feisty as hell and man the way her mind is so in tune with mine, fuck it’s scary.’

‘Yeah she’s a real gutter queen!’ Al cackled.

‘Gutter queen?’

‘Oh come on you telling me you’ve never heard that before?’ He shook his head no, ‘Well hell man where have you been living? GQ means someone who has a one track mind and it’s usually filled with sex and what we’d like to do to you guys given a running start.’ She laughed at the look on his face. ‘You’d be a Gutter King with the way your mind works!’

‘Are you one then?’

‘Hell yes and proud of it; and now I’ve accomplished many of those things on my list that I’ve wanted to do to Teek.’

‘Oh fuck woman TMI, TMI!!!’ His eyes crossed and he looked close to vomiting.

Al sat there laughing and joking with Richie for the next five minutes till the door opened and Jon walked in.

‘Ok Ally where the fuck are you hiding that crystal ball?’ Richie asked.

Al just laughed.

‘Hey there bro, ready for your breakfast now you’ve figured out you lady love ain’t at home.’ Asked Al.

‘How the hell did you know ……………. Aw damn I should have woke you up and asked you Ally!’ Jon grimaced, some days his dick took all the blood and his brain just wouldn’t kick in.

‘You had, and your ass would have had my foot print imbedded into it Blondie!’ She thought he looked a little miffed, but she realised it was disappointment she could see there, so she threw him a bone, ‘She’s at work Jon.’

Jon slapped his forehead, ‘Aw damn I didn’t even think about that.’

‘Yup shnookums she works in the real world for a living.’ Al walked to him looped her arm around his waist and guided him towards the kitchen. ‘Well Lurch you cooking or what?’ She handed Jon a coffee and pushed him onto a stool. ‘After breakfast how about I show you my gallery?’ Green eyes meet sparkling blue and she saw the thanks in his, she winked at him.

Before she could move away he pulled her into his embrace, kissed her and then hugged her tightly, whispering his thanks into her ear. Her arms slipped about him and squeezing him back, totally understanding where he was coming from. She felt the same way about Tico.

‘Why is it every time I look for my woman, one of you assholes has his hands on her?’ Tico stood there at the bottom of the stairs shaking his head, smiling at the three of them. ‘I’m sure I heard someone mention food!’ He looked hopefully at Ally, who nodded towards Richie, who rolled his eyes and started to raid the fridge. Al made a mental note, they needed restocking sometime today!

‘Cause you can’t keep hold of her old man, and foods on its way!’ Richie snickered as Teek told him to sod off, very English!

‘Jesus it’s only eleven thirty, and you’re making too much bloody noise! How’s a guy to sleep in around here?’ The complaint coming from David as he padded barefoot down the stairs! He got jeans on but not done up, a shirt that had been pulled on, but not buttoned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Al admired his joker tat that was flashing quite nicely, her hands itched to have her camera in her hand, she took a mental picture; hoping to remember it later and transfer it to canvas. He looked dead cute like that.

‘You’re not.’ Hugh groused trudging down behind him.

Well thought Al, full house again! Where one goes the others are sure to follow.

Soon Al and Richie had bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread, toast and anything else that took their fancy ready to eat. It didn’t last long!


Anonymous said...

The complaint coming from David as he padded barefoot down the stairs! He got jeans on but not done up, a shirt that had been pulled on, but not buttoned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

WOW this is quite a vision for a "Joker Girl"! Thanks SO much :)

Joviswoman said...

Your welcome ;)

And honey over the last few months I and a few others have been looking at David a little bit more.

Hell my pics from Coventry were nearly all David and Richie lmao!

And I LOVE the 'Joker' tat, yummy!

Gail xx