Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Chapter 83

Jon agreed and before you could say ‘queue jumping’ the first six trolleys were on their way through a checkout. But when Tom asked if they wanted a packer, Al jumped in and told him they didn’t need one, the guys just loved to pack shopping. Tico nearly died laughing at the faces on Jon, Richie and David, Hugh was already slinging stuff into bags.

‘Tell me she’s fuckin joking Teek?’ Richie implored him.

‘No she fuckin ain’t! You’ve pulled some shit in here, now you get payback! Start packing Lurch!’ Al chimed in.

Jon realised when he should keep quite and do as she said, after all he needed to rack up some brownie points with her, before he mentioned tomorrows delivery of nine kids, a couple of nannies and who the fuck knew who else! He opened a bag and started to pack, not saying anything to any body.

David just stood with his mouth open watching Jon meekly pack, then grinned evilly. ‘Hey Jon, you don’t put produce in with toiletries. You need to pack them according to where they’re going in the house, you know, fridge, freezer etc, etc.’

The next thing he knew a twelve pack of toilet rolls hit him upside the head, sending him flying.

‘Blondie I’m warning you, any more and you shit and you can go back to the hotel!’ Al growled down the belt.

Angie the checkout girl was totally in awe of the job she’d been given, she could feel jealous eyes on her, tough! She got to serve Bon Jovi, how freakin cool is that! Her head was going back and forth like she was watching a tennis match. She couldn’t believe how Al was talking to these men; she acted like they were normal men!?

‘Damn Al, it slipped out of my hand, honest.’ Al let out a very unlady like snort but carried on unloading the trolleys, but he was sure he heard ‘bullshit’ coming from the far end.

As they worked, Jon’s phone went, ‘Down on the checkouts, far end, and did you have to come with the bus ……. What, oh Jesus Mike did you have to tell them?’ He flipped his phone down, and then carried on packing.

‘What’s wrong, who’s comin in?’ Richie asked.

Before Jon could answer laughter started a bit away, but grew louder as they neared. With Mike was Tony and Obie, and Obie had a dvd camcorder in his hand shooting them busily packing the bags! The guys groaned this would find its way onto the tour video diary for sure.

People started to stare at the men on the checkout, and at the men walking towards them. Some people realised who they’d got and carefully pulled out their phones and started videoing.

‘Well, well, well, hell must have frozen over if you guys are packing your own bags!’ Tony laughed and as one five fingers signalled their displeasure to him.

‘We have to, Ally told us we should.’ Richie looked down at the petite woman stood next to him, ‘She scared us into doing it.’

Tony, Obie and Mike doubled over laughing, the look of fear in Richie’s eyes, caught on camera, perfect!

‘Why don’t you three stop messing about and start taking the trolleys to the bus?’ She glared at them, and they gulped.

‘Ok doll, we’ll do just that, come on slackers don’t piss her off any more than she is.’ Mike said.

Angie didn’t believe that Alice could instil so much fear in these men, they were all bigger and taller than she was, well except Tico, who kept kissing her every time he went passed her. She just had to raise her eyebrow and they leapt to do what she said.

They finished and Jon paid for everything, nearly blinding poor Angie and making her fall off her chair. ‘Right, we ready for the rest?’ Groans met him, but each man, including the other three, grabbed trolleys and followed Ally back into the store. Al was sure she heard a bell go ding, ding, and someone says ‘round two’!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know how much I love this story so far. I look forward to your updates everyday.

Maggie said...

That is priceless! I wanna see this tour diary, that would be great.

I love this story, it is very, very funny. And I hope she is going for Jon´s balls when the kids are arriving.