Sunday, 27 July 2008

Chapter 92

The meals arrived and even though asked to stay the others went back to their table. As they left they kissed the girls and shook hands, slapped backs with the men. When Duff got near Liz, Jon grabbed him and told him to fuck off, Duff laughed his ass off, and told Jon he gets to be best man at the wedding seeing as he was the reason she admitted she was in a relationship with him! With that Alice and Steven dragged him back to their table.

‘Well that was some experience!’ Al said as they settled down to their food.

The girls had been cheeky and got loads of pics with the others, much to Tico and the boy’s disgust. And they’d signed some menus for them too; even Liz had got Duffs picture and signature. Jon had been pissed till she said she’d get his autograph in private, it cheered him up no end.

Mandy had shyly asked Steven for his autograph and she blushed as she read it, ‘To Mandy, the hottest hotty about, you’re gorgeous, don’t ever change. Call me if it doesn’t work out, Richie’s got my cell. Love Steven Tyler’ then as they’d snapped the photo he landed a smacker of a kiss on her, that still had her grinning like a Cheshire cat! Hugh had been pissy but not too much. He like the way she seemed to shine and blossom with the attention. He’d told Tyler to piss off, she wouldn’t need it.

Rich and Dave looked shock, where was the mild mannered bass player? The boys seemed to be acting like cavemen at the minute, and Rich made a crack about dragging knuckles, the girls laughed!

The meal progressed and stomachs were filled with fine food and a little more drink, the atmosphere relaxed and happy. A few fans had wandered up asking for pics, autographs or both, the guys were happy to oblige as none of them were pushy.

Richie noticed Slash heading back their way, and as the only thing they could see on him was his lips, he noticed he was grinning, a ciggie hanging out his mouth.

‘Hey guys were headin out; we’re goin to the Funky Buddha. Wonderin if you want to join us later?’ Wow Al thought a full sentence! Holy crap might be a first. ‘Might see you, might not, been nice to meet ya ladies.’ He grinned, chewing on the unlit cigarette in his mouth. He turned and walked to the door joining the others who saluted and went out. You could see the flash of cameras going off, it looked like lightening.

‘Well girls it’s up to you, do you fancy taking us on at dancing?’ David asked it’d be nice to let some steam off.

‘We’ll let you know when we get back from the ladies.’ Al told him, cocking her head at the other two, who rose and followed her.

Entering the loo the girls started to giggle over the whole night. ‘Damn Liz I thought Jon was going to kill either Duff or you! Ok how was he? It’s always been between Jon and him, and now both have kissed you, so spill it sister!’ Al and Mandy stood arms crossed waiting for deets!

‘Ok, it was nice.’

‘Bullshit, it was more than nice I saw your fingers holding onto the damn chair lady!’ Al crowed.

‘Ok hell, ok it was freakin hot! Boy that man could curl my toes at forty feet at a concert, and Jesus up that close and personnel I nearly came! Satisfied?’

‘Oh my god, no we’re not! More Liz!’ Mandy chimed in.

‘So you’d chuck Jon over for a shot at Duff then?’ Al was curious.

‘Fuck no! I may have lusted after Duff for years like I have Jon, but, well Jon’s really in my heart and even though I wanted to grab Duff, I love Jon way too much. It took a minute for my brain to catch up with my lips, then it was like ‘whoa that ain’t Jon, put him down’, so I did!’

Both Mandy and Al realised she’d used the ‘L’ word and grabbed Liz in a hug.

‘What put me down you crazy bitches, what?’

‘Aw you said you love Jon!’ Al beamed.

Liz’s jaw went slack and she hit her memory rewind button, holy crap she had said she loved him. Damn will my subconscious please stop spilling out before it lets me in on the damn secret she thought!

‘So are we going onto the Funky Bud?’ Mandy wanted to get Hugh on the dance floor and up close and personnel.

‘Well don’t suppose it’d hurt, long as Liz keeps her hands off Duff! Aw damn that hurt bitch!’ Liz had flicked Al on the forehead.

Laughing they used the loo, freshened makeup and headed back to the table.

‘Well, can we go and party?’ Rich and David asked, using puppy eyes to beg them.

‘Yeah, if you old men don’t need to get home to bed, it’s already after your bedtime!’ Al snickered, then squealed as Hugh tossed her over his shoulder, slapped her on the butt and told her not to be so damn cheeky to her elders.

The boys howled that she’d now got a full set, Al bitched that she was starting to get motion sickness from being held upside down one to many times, everyone laughed!

Jon had been on the phone and called the limo back to the front, told the driver to bump the pavement if he had to, so they didn’t have to wade through the hyenas again.

When the door burst open, with everyone laughing and Al still over Hugh’s shoulder the flashing lights were blinding. Then a horn blared making journalist jump out of the way and the limo screeched to a halt, and the bouncers held open the doors as everyone piled in. Al got flung in of Hugh’s shoulder and squealed with laughter as she hit the seat.

She ended up with Hugh next to her as it nearly ended up in a dog pile in the back, not one woman was sat next to her partner, the laughter continued as the limo pulled away, heading to their new destination.

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Awww, that was fun. And Liz loves Jon! yay! Bring on the party!

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