Saturday, 12 July 2008

Chapter 79

They headed out just after one. Al thought they should go to the gallery first; mainly to stop Jon from whining any more! Then do some grocery shopping. The guys looked a little horrified, she reminded them they weren’t in the USA, and so they might not get recognised.

When she told them they’d walk to the gallery, the guys all laughed, till they realise she was serious. She told them it would burn off all the damn food they kept hovering up!

When she met them at the front door, she started to laugh. What a sight they made everyone of them in sunglasses and baseball caps, well except Hugh who’d just got the glasses.

‘Good god, it’s the mob squad.’ She peeled off into laughter again.

‘Ally darlin it’s not nice to laugh at us. You’re a fan you know this is how we look! We looked like this when we went out in Ireland.’

‘But Jon sweetie, people expected you to be there, that’s where you were playing! Everyone assumes you’ve flown off into the sunset and headed home to get ready for the last leg of the tour. Not staying in a fans home and walking the streets of London.’

They moaned and bitched but Tico and David took their hats off, but the glasses stayed. Richie and Jon kept theirs on. Al just laughed at them.

They set off walking, it was a nice sunny day, but not hot enough to bring out people in shorts. Mind you Al thought she’d love to see all these guys walking down the street in them; and also topping them off, tight muscle shirts. Yummy!

Arriving at the gallery, whose name they discovered was just that, ‘The Gallery’. Richie laughed and asked how she’d come up with it. She told him she didn’t want anything pretentious and sounding up its self.

Walking passed the window she checked to see if Liz was about, she wasn’t. Mandy the receptionist was there though.

The bell rang as she opened the door, ‘Hey Mandy, how’s things going?’

‘Fine Alice, we’ve had som………..holy crap! She’d watched as the men filed in behind her boss, and they’d take of their caps and glasses off. Mandy knew who they were, hell anyone who knew Liz and Al knew about Jovi.

‘Close your mouth honey, you’re catching flies.’

The guys huddled around the counter and whichever way Mandy looked she saw killer smiles.

‘Guys I’d like you to meet Mandy, Mandy I think you may know these guys.’ Al laughed as one by one they shook her hand and pecked her cheek. She kept swallowing, not believing who stood in front of her.

‘Darlin you ever gonna say two words to us?’ Richie asked.

Mandy went bright red and started to stutter. ‘Aw Lurch, leave her alone.’ Al knew Mandy was shy, and very quite. A little over weight, by Mandy’s standards not Al’s, she thought she was rubenesque! She was thirty-one and cute, a button nose, grey eyes and she was medium height. Her eyes were mainly hidden behind thick black frames. Hell Al and Liz had tried to talk her into lighter frames or contacts over the last year, but to no avail.

Mandy giggled, ‘You call Mr. Sambora, Lurch?’ She giggled again.

‘Well what should I call him? Cousin It?’

Choked laughter from the guys and a ‘bitch’ from Richie started to put Mandy at ease. She scanned the men again, damn they were hot! But her eyes kept skittering back to Hugh, he looked nice, and he’d got a wonderful smile.

‘Mandy did I hear the do…………oh hi guys.’ Liz came around the corner and seeing them all laughing with Mandy made her smile. Her eyes flew to Jon, Christ he looked good enough to eat!

From the side of her mouth Al said to Jon, ‘Fetch.’ And laughed as he walked towards her; stalking her with a fluid grace of a panther.

As Jon walked towards her Liz took an instinctive step backwards, then berated herself and stood her ground.

He reached her and stopped in front of her, his smile was warm, his eyes lust filled, ‘Hey they Lizzie, did ya miss me?’ he reached out and tucked a stray hair behind her ear, she gulped in air.

‘Nope, why would I?’

‘No reason.’ Without any warning at all, he caught her too him and kissed her; just a gentle brush of lips, but his arms were locked about her and not letting her move from him. Pulling back a fraction he said to her, ‘But Lizzie my darlin I sure missed you.’ This time his lips touched hers he demanded her to respond to him and let his tongue into her moist depths.

David nudge Al, who looked at Mandy, who’s jaw was nearly on the floor watching Jon kiss her boss!

Al thought what the hell, and leant forward and gently kissed Tico on the lips. You could nearly hear the snap of Mandy’s neck as she turned towards them. Hugh leant over the desk and placing his finger under her jaw, pushed it to. ‘You get used to them kissing and canoodling all over the house. Just take it with a pinch of salt Mandy.’ He grinned at her as she focused on him, and he winked at her.

‘You mean they’re always doing this?’

‘Yeah.’ Hugh got a beaming smile from Mandy and he grinned back, she seemed nice.

‘Ok Mandy for the record, Tico and Ally are what is it, dating or fuckin?’ David ducked out of Al’s reach.

Tico was holding a threatening Al back and laughing, ‘Dating asshole!’

Mandy’s eyes grew wide. She looked over at Liz, who was nearly wrapped about Jon, ‘And they’re doing what then?’

‘Fucking!’ Richie laughed.

‘That’s dating you moron, dating!’ Came the pissy tones of Jon.

‘Scuse me, dating implies we’ve gone out on a date. All we’ve done is fuck each others brains out!’ Liz just couldn’t help herself.

‘Now darlin, that’s just semantics.’ Jon smiled at her trying to side track her, she was right of course.

‘Ok enough!’ Al barked she knew things could get out of hand if they weren’t careful. ‘Yes Mandy, I’m going out with Tico and Liz and Jon are trying to figure out that they’re going out.’

‘But how, when, how?’

Laughing Al started to fill her in and the guys took off around the gallery. Tico was in his element.

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