Friday, 25 July 2008

Chapter 89

As they exited the car, flash bulbs went off, the paparazzi was out in force. Jon swore, how could he have forgotten the one downside of the restaurant?! They shouted at Jon, who’d got a tight hold of Liz, he flashed them one of his smiles and dragged her into the restaurant at a trot; not stopping to answer any questions.

Hugh, Mandy, Richie and David piled out next, David and Richie goofing for the cameras. Hugh ushered Mandy in after Jon.

Tico and Al were, unfortunately the last to get out the car, they were swamped and couldn’t get to the door.

Now, since the concert, video and pictures of them together had spread like wild fire. People trying to figure out who Al was and if they were still together, that argument in Ireland had become a YouTube hit, mainly because of Jon looking like he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him, or hug the hell out of Al. Then of course the debacle of Frank Skinner’s show aired last night, and instead of editing out the bit where he went for Al, they’d left it in!

So of course people wanted to know about the woman Tico wouldn’t let go of. The paparazzi started to shout questions at Tico, and then when he didn’t respond they started on Al.

‘So Al, that is the name Frank used last night, are you after his money or just your fifteen minutes of fame?’

Tico went red in the face and wanted to punch the guy, Al’s gentle hand on his arm stopped him.

‘Why haven’t you guys all flown back to America? Are they all having a piece of you babe?’

By this time all the men had come back out after they’d realised that Teek and Ally hadn’t got passed the melee. Jon swore as he realised they were stuck in the middle of a mob, the others lined up to do battle.

They’d all heard the last comment; David knew who’d made it, a right sleaze of a ‘reporter’.

Tico rounded on the guy, and Al pulled him back, ‘Don’t.’

Then she shoved him behind her away from the leering idiot. ‘Ok, calm the fuck down all of you, or we do not say a word, got it?’ She shouted over the top of the questions. She saw the others aiming to join in the fray and shook her head no, it’d only make things worse.

A hush descended on the crowd, bouncers from the Ivy waiting for a nod from Jon to wade in and rescue them, and crack a few faces!

‘Ok, here it is, no I’m not after his money, I have enough of my own thank you very much! I’m not after fifteen minutes of fame; I had enough of that the other day to last a life time! All I’m after is the red hot sex we’re having! no, I’m not sleeping with any other man but Tico, be quite I’m talking! They have stayed because they’re having a break before starting the last leg of the tour. The only reason you assumed I’m a tramp is because of an asshole chat show host who puts two and two together and ends up with twenty.’ And chuckle went about the group, ‘Now, we would like to be let through so we can join our party for dinner. I’ve answered your questions, more politely than they were asked. If you have any more inane questions, keep them to yourselves!’

With that she started to push passed them, ‘accidently’ drilling her heel into the asshole reporters foot, who’d pissed Tico off, she made out he’d got in her way as he tried to push a mic in her face to answer some more stupid questions. He yelped with pain, and started to call her a bitch, when two other reporters told him to shut the fuck up, and grow a set! The throng opened, and Tico and Al walked out of the crowd and into the Ivy.

Once inside and out of their shot Al collapsed into a chair shaking like a leaf, wondering where the hell all that had come from.

Jon thrust a brandy snifter at her, ‘Drink it darlin it’ll calm you.’

Al tipped the snifter and emptied it in two gulps, handing it back to him, ‘Do not give me any more please I’ve made a big enough fool of myself for one night.’

Liz knelt down by her side, ‘No you didn’t they were god awful, if it’d been me, I’d have decked the prick!’ It made Al smile, because she knew Liz would!

‘Miel, I so damn sorry, I didn’t even think, are you ok? That bastard is lucky he’s still got his balls.’ Tico continued, but in Spanish, walking back and forth making great arm gestures, it made Al smile. He talked about sending a horse’s head, at least that’s what she thought she heard.

‘Baby, calm down, you’ll burst a bloody blood vessel if you keep ranting.’ Getting up from the chair she grabbed him as he stomped passed and wrapped herself about him, trying to stop him from beating himself up about it. ‘Miel, shit happens, its life.’ And as he went to start off again, she silenced him with a kiss. His arms finally came about her, moulding her to him, her CMF’s meant she was now taller than he, but he liked it.

A discreet cough dragged them back to where they were stood, in a restaurant, Al blushed furiously as she realise people were watching them. ‘Ladies, gentlemen, your table is ready, if you’d like to follow me.’

Tico kept his arm about Al’s waist followed the maĆ®tre de. Behind them, the rest followed closely.

They were soon seated at a table towards the back, slightly screened off from the other tables. Next to Tico sat Al, besides her Richie; next to him Liz and beside her Jon. Hugh sat next to Jon and Many next to him; beside her and next to Tico, David. So at least Rich and David had a female to charm, if not to be here with.

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