Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Chapter 84

After two hours of shopping, the frozen and chilled goods were packed and paid for. They guys had posed for the pictures Tom wanted, plus ones people came up for; they’d signed loads of autographs, and answered tons of questions, the main one, being why they were there.

Jon had told them they were visiting friends in the area and that they were leaving in two days to go home. Hell people believed him; no one thought they’d be staying in the area!

With the security team now under Mikes control they paved the way to the bus, and everyone boarded. The doors shut and people stood waving at the guys, and they waved back. It was nice not to be mobbed, just gently hustled.

Mike stood and took a look at the men, ‘Hey idiots, you forgotten something?’ They all looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders. ‘Teek, how about your girlfriend?’

Tico glanced about the bus and realised Mike was right, she wasn’t there! ‘¡Cogida santa del `, pensé que ella estaba en frente con Richie! ¿Dónde el infierno es ella, por qué no aviso de I? Cogida del Aw!'’ (‘Holy fuck, I thought she was in front with Richie! Where the hell is she, why didn’t I notice? Aw fuck!’)

‘English Teek, only Ally knows what you’re saying!’ Jon tried to calm his agitated brother.

A phone started to ring, Phil Collins started to sing, ‘Two hearts, beating in just one mind, living together till the end of time’, Tico ripped the phone from his pocket, ‘Miel where the fuck are you?’ He listened, ‘No you’re not walking home, give me a minute.’ Closing the phone he headed to the door.

‘Where is she?’ the others following him.

‘At the damn shop doors, she thought she’d nip to the loo while we were doing our thing, and we forgot her! How the hell did we do that? Look there she is.’

They spotted her waving, Tom stood next to her, trying to get the security guards back to him.

‘Ok Joe, open the door.’

Mike blocked his way, ‘You are not going out there, they may have been nice before but you know they can turn.’

‘I’m not going out there, move Mike, don’t make me say it again!’ Mike back away, damn he’d never seen Teek as mad as he had these last few days, Ally certainly brought out his fiery Latin side!

As the doors opened the crowd cheered again, Tico stood on the steps and asked for quite. When the crowd had died down, he asked them if they’d mind letting Al through, as she’d got left behind, and she needed to slap some sense into them. Laughing the crowd parted and the security guards walked her to the bus. Some women shouted did she need a hand slapping the boys, because they’d sure like to help her. Everyone laughed and Al finally made it to the bus, to be dragged into Tico’s arms and kissed. Some cheered others ahhed at them.

Waving again the door shut, ‘Take us home for god’s sake, I always seem to loose you lady when we’re out!’ He sat and pulled her onto his knee, just holding her.

‘Honey, I was in a shop, not left out in a field, I’m fine, I could’ve walked home.’

‘You came with us Ally, you go home with us.’ This came from David.

A few short minutes they arrived at the house, Al used her remote and opened the garage doors, ‘If we go in this way we can put the chilled and frozen in the downstairs freezer and fridge, then take whatever’s left up stairs.’

The men agreed and they started the trips back and forth to unload the bus, it took a while! Al directed where things should go and the boys obliged her.

By the time they’d finished Al had gone into the games room and raided the fridge for beer, they all deserved one, she included Joe too. Jon noticed and smiled, she was one hell of a woman!

They realised that it was now six-thirty, they’d been out for over five hours, and three of them had been taken up shopping and stuff.

‘Ok guys, we need to get ready to go out for dinner, I’ve made reservations at the Ivy, so smart casual people!’ Jon laughed at Al’s expression. ‘Don’t you want to go darlin?’

‘Of course I do, I’m just wondering if they can cope with you lot!’ She stuck her tongue out at him. She yelped and ran for the door as he lunged for her, they careened up the stairs laughing and shouting at each other, the others following at a more sedate pace.

Mike, Tony and Obie heading back to the hotel, except for Mike and some of his crew, everyone else would be flying home in a few days time, some had already gone. Tony was making damn sure he was at Ally’s when the kids turned up, and with the camera in hand! Then he’d fly home and have a break, then head off to get the last leg of the tour ready.

I'm glad you're all enjoying this story. These last few chapters just hurtled out and onto the page lmao. They were fun to write and I'm glad you're laughing along with me. Thanks.

Gail xx

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