Monday, 28 July 2008

Chapter 93

Al could hear banging, and as she moved she thought it was her head doing it. Shit her hair even hurt, so much for not drinking any more last night. Gingerly she turned over, glancing at Tico who lay on his back snoring softly, he lay half in and half off the bed, she didn’t laugh, it’d hurt!

The clock said it was gone eleven, then she heard the banging again and the bell going. Someone was going to die! Carefully sitting upright, hand clutching her head, she grabbed Tico’s shirt from last night and pulled it on, it skimmed the top of her thighs. No nookie last night, panties still on and intact!

Looking over she vaguely noticed the phone was on the floor, what she didn’t realise was that it was on, and had been since it hit the deck late this morning as they’d tried to undress and hit the night stand.

Lord knows where her handbag was! The banging started again; someone seriously wanted to loose their life! Tico hadn’t moved from his spot, and from the noise that was going on downstairs none of the other shits were awake! She stumbled out of the bedroom and headed carefully downstairs, trying to wake up.

‘Ok keep your knickers on, I’m coming!’ Some days she really wished her home was smaller and more compact.

The banging started again just as Al reached the door, she unlocked it flung it open, her hand covering her eyes from the blinding sunlight; ‘For god’s sake stop that racket, I swear the dead nearly answered! I’ll give you five seconds before I murder you!’

A chuckle followed by some higher giggles met her tirade. ‘Aw guys we’ve got Ally out of bed.’ More laughter flowed.

Al carefully peeked between her fingers, wincing at the light hitting her retinas. She focused and realised she was under dressed in front of loads of children and an older woman! Then her woozy brain caught up with the fact the woman had used her name, and that there were loads of suitcases stacked next to the door.

‘I’m sorry, but who the hell are you? And do I know you?’ She blinked her eyes hoping they’d be gone when she re focused.

‘Aw honey, he didn’t tell you did he?’

‘Tell me what, oh god my head.’ She felt a tug on the shirt tails, looking down into deep brown eyes that looked disturbingly familiar.

‘Where’s pappy? The child asked a lilt to his voice, black hair framing his cherub face.

‘I don’t know sweetheart, who’s your pappy?’ The fog had started to clear, if only a little.

A teenage girl stepped forward, laughing, ‘His pappy is Tico, and we.’ She gestured to the rest of the children, ‘Are here on holiday to be with our dads, I’m Steph!’

Carol finally took pity on the petite, shocked woman at the door, Hectors hand already ensconced in hers, not letting go. ‘Ally, I’m Carol, John’s mom? We’ve spoken on the phone. I’m sorry but no one met the plane so I rang Tony to come get us and bring us here. We did try to ring you, but your phones engaged. And none of the boys are answering their cells. So here we are.’

Tony stood off to one side, Obie next to him camera in hand, poor Al looked shell shocked.

The whole thing suddenly hit Al’s brain, her jaw dropped the fog vanished and she yanked herself back from swearing a blue streak! ‘You’r..’ She coughed to clear her throat, ‘You’re Carol?’ The woman nodded, ‘And you’re the boy’s kids?’ She looked at the nodding heads, vaguely aware the older boys were eyeing her bare legs up. ‘Oh god, I’m going to kill the sh…..’ With that she let go of Hectors hand, turned and took off into the house at a run.

‘Well kids looks like we can go in now, Obie, put the camera down, no you are not goin after Ally, help Tony with the cases! Children lets go in and wait while Ally talks to John.’ She hoped to god the place had a little sound proofing or the kids were going to hear more than they should do. But hell Carol wanted to be there when Ally let rip at her eldest boy, grinning, looking just like Jon, she ushered the children in.

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