Thursday, 17 July 2008

Chapter 85

Al hit her bedroom just as Jon bounded up the last step, ‘Waaaay to slow old man.’ She laughed at him as he made out his legs were going from under him, and grabbing his chest.

‘Damn woman you trying to kill me?’

‘Nah, not yet!’ She snickered, and he walked to the door, pecked her on the lips, hugged her turn around and hobbled off to his room, her laughter ringing in his ears.

‘Hey Jon?’ He turned, ‘Did you tell Liz where we were going?’ He nodded yes and carried on down the corridor, occasionally clutching the wall for support.

She went in and headed for the shower. What to wear could wait!

As they hit the top of the stairs the guys split, but Hugh headed to Jon’s door, knocking on it. Hugh told Jon what he’d done, and Jon just grinned telling him it’d be no problem to change the booking. Jon smiled when Hugh wandered off, looks like everyone may just have found someone on this tour!

Tico hurried in two minutes later, and stopped just inside the door, there, a trail of Al’s clothing scattered on the floor all the way to the bathroom. He chuckled, there hanging on the door knob, her bra! He closed the door, locking it and laid his own trail over the top of hers, getting to the door, he hooked his briefs over her bra, and walked in closing that door too.

He stood looking at Al, she was in the shower, and he could see her through the side panel of clear glass. She was soaping her hair, eyes closed; her breast thrust out in front of her, damn what a picture she made! Walking to the opening he stepped in behind her, his fingers joining hers massaging her head till her hands fell away. He picked up a side shower head and gently rinsed her hair, then repeating another wash, and then conditioning it too. All the while she was making little moans and groans, and the occasional purr.

After rinsing that last of the conditioner off, he reached over and got the coconut shower crème she used, pouring a generous amount onto the sponge, he proceeded to soap her down from behind her. Everytime he moved forward, he brushed against her back, his chest hair rubbing her back, his dick hitting her ass.

Al was in heaven! She’d heard him come in and when he took over washing her hair, well she’d nearly turned into a puddle. Then the soaping started up, and she was so damn wet, and the ache, shit if this didn’t lead to them making love she’d have to get her toy box out!

Tico’s heart was racing; he’d long abandoned the sponge, and was just using his hands. He cupped her breasts then wandered down between her legs, his fingers slipping easily into her, making her gasp. Al braced her hands on the wall, damn he could play her better than his drums, and boy could he keep a beat!

His dick hit her ass again and Tico could stand it no more, he turned her, his mouth ravishing hers, pushing her back roughly up to the wall. He hefted her up, stepped between her legs and let her drop onto his raging dick, Al screamed, sobbing at the feeling of being joined to him. Al grabbed the shower head with one hand, the other on his shoulder, their mouths still mashing together in hot heated need. Slowly she began to rotate her hips, moving him in her, but only a little, she growled at him that she wanted more.

Tico slowly pulled his hips backward, withdrawing from her, only to rise onto his toes as he thrust back into her, repeating the motion over and over, making Al sob but not giving her the completion she needed.

Tico could feel his orgasm building, but it was so near but yet so damn far! He was getting to old to make love in a damn shower when a perfectly good bed was not far away. ‘Hold on miel.’ Al wrapped her arms about his shoulders and her legs clamped down on his waist, as he started out of the bathroom. She grabbed a couple of towels as they moved out into her bedroom, trailing water.

She threw the towels on the bed and Tico turned her and still joined laid her onto one of them, but he stood at the side of the bed. As soon as her ass hit the towel he pulled her legs and pulled her forward sliding him deeper into her, Al groaned again, damn that bed was just the right height.

He started to piston his hips back and forth, the friction heightening both of their needs even more. ‘Tico?’ Came the plaintive high moan from Al, her arms outstretched to him, she needed his weight on her. He gave in, pushing them both further onto the bed, and making love to her like a starving man. He could feel her walls flexing on him, she was near.

‘Come with me my love………… yes that’s it, cum miel.’ With two more thrusts he took her over the edge, and in turn himself!

They lay on the bed talking in quite whispers, touching and kissing, blanking out everything else, but themselves. Then laughing they jumped back out the bed taking the sodden towel with them and headed back into the shower once more. This time they washed each other, but laughter and the need to be clean and ready when the others banged on the door, took more precedence this time than making love again!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just wanted to tell you I just LOVE your story! you are such a gifted writer and i read it through in three days, only stopping to go to work or school ;)
keep it up, cant wait to see how Al reacts on the kids arriving...I allready feel bad for Jon haha -

Joviswoman said...

Thanks Kat :)

I'm storing any anger that I need to vent ready to use it on our Jonny boy lmao!

Gail x