Saturday, 26 July 2008

Chapter 91 - Please note I've taken liberties with the guest lmao!

Al glanced over, not even trying to do subtle, and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head! There sat grinning back at them, saluting them with raised glasses, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler, and, holy crap someone who looked like Slash and Duff!

Liz choked on her vodka and coke, she’d always had a thing for blondes and damn Duff had always been on her ‘would do if could’ list!

‘Well fuck look what the cat drug in!’ Richie boomed as Alice and the guys got up and headed their way.

Laughing, all the boys got up and a round of slapping each other on the back ensue. The girls just sat looking totally stunned at the men saying hey to their guys.

Liz mouthed ‘Holy shit, Duff.’ Her eyes round and shocked as Duff’s ass was a few inches from her face. Al mouthed back, ‘Don’t you dare!’ Liz just laughed out loud startling the men who stood talking, all eyes swung back to the girls, who immediately shut up.

‘Well Jonny you shit, ain’t you gonna introduce us to these hot women you’ve got with you man!’ Steven asked winking at Mandy, who blushed like a warning light.

‘Oh man, sorry guys, Steve, Alice, Slash, Duff these are our ladies, Mandy belongs to Hugh.’ This sent Mandy even redder being introduced as Hugh’s, she sighed and prayed it might be true one day.

‘The lady next to me is Lizzie, and I’m trying my damndest to get her into my life. But she’s struggling against it.’ He grinned down at Liz who thumped him hard in the leg making him yelp.

‘And this lady must Al?’ Alice grinned down at Al, who stood in a daze, offering him her hand. He ignored it and pulled her in and kissed her on the cheek, ‘Darlin the way you handled those vultures, a hand shake didn’t cover it. You were wonderful, and man if you haven’t broke that wankers toes I’ll eat my hat!’ He laughed.

‘Actually Alice she is an Alice too, or as we call her Ally.’ David chortled at the stunned look still emanating from Ally’s face.

‘Shit Jon she wasn’t this dumbstruck when she met us, was she?’ Richie asked, laughing, he’d not seen her this quite since they’d met her.

‘Aw don’t tell the asshole that, he’ll crow for years!’ Jon grinned and rolled his eyes.

‘Well Ally, I won’t call you Alice, to confusing for the boys here, nice to meet you.’

‘Oh get out of the way old man.’ With that Steven roughly shoved him out the way, taking Al in an embrace and kissed her, on the lips, ‘I saw that assholes show last night, fuck what a dick! I hope he suffered afterwards?’ He looked at Tico for confirmation.

‘Yeah he did Steve; Ally took him apart and gave him another hole to shit out of!’ All of the men laughed, Al just wanted the floor to open up, and Steven hugged her even more.

Duff looked down and caught Liz staring at his ass, grinning as her hand moved to touch, then slapped it onto her knee. He bent down till he was level with her; Liz’s eyes went wide with shock! In front of her was a grinning Duff, the one from posters covering her walls when she was a teenage, holy hell!

‘Hey Lizzie honey, see anything you liked there?’ His laugh turned dirty as she flushed red, her eyes skittering away from his. ‘Aw now you’ve gone all shy, don’t be baby. I like a woman who knows what she wants.’ He leant forward and laid a kiss on her. Liz clamped her hands to the chair so she didn’t reach up and grab a hold of him, and then she remembered Jon and she jerked back, looking up and seeing a very pissed set of blue stormy eyes watching them.

Duff was grinning; he was surprised Jon hadn’t hauled up and smacked him! He straightened up and saw that the man in question was trying hard not to beat the shit out of him, so he ran his tongue over his lips, looked down at Liz and said, ‘Nice tasty lipstick you had there.’ Wrinkling his nose at her and smiling.

The whole table seemed to hold its breath; they’d all seen what he’d done to Liz, Al was praying that Liz would snap out of it.

Liz had to do something before Jon killed Duff, her smartarse side took over. She stood, smiling seductively at Duff, who frowned, good! She walked her fingers up his chest, oh god he was hot, focus damnit! ‘Well Duff darlin, you are still fucking hot! And that kiss could sure put a woman on her ass.’ Duff’s chest puffed up and he caught her hand taking it too his lips, total devilment shone through his eyes.

Liz prayed her legs would keep her upright, she really didn’t think Jon would be happy if she melted into a puddle! ‘But you’ve got a hell of a way to go before you’re ever getting into Jon’s league.’ She pulled her tingling hand from his slack grip and moved to Jon, putting her arm about him. ‘And shame on you for being naughty and kissing someone else’s girl. But then you are a bad boy girls go for! Just like I like the bad boy side of Jon.’ Reaching up she prayed he’d not push her away, she put her hand behind his head and pulled him to her to kiss him.

Jon was no fool and plundered her mouth like a man staking his claim! He kissed away Duff’s kiss with his own. And damn he needed to thank Duff and even buy him a drink; she’d said ‘someone else’s girl’, so she admitted she was Jon’s, thank fuck! He felt Liz sag against him and stopped his assault on her mouth.

Raising his head he speared Duff with his eyes, ‘Man you ever touch her like that again and your guitar won’t see the light of day ever again! Now what ya drinkin, seeing as you kissing her got Liz to admit she’s mine!’ He let go of Liz and shook Duff’s hand, slapping him extremely hard on the back and dragging him off to the bar. A big shit eating grin on his face, and Duff looking relieved, some days his weird and warped sense of humour got him in deep shit!

Liz dropped into her chair, watching them walk away laughing! Looking about the tableau of faces around her she asked them ‘What the fuck just happened?!’

Al piped up, ‘You’ve just told Jon you love him, and Duff’s to thank for you saying it.’ Everyone laughed at the shocked look on her face!

‘Well fuck, I did too.’ And the beaming smile spread across her face, it was time to see where this relationship, yes relationship, was heading! She might even kiss Duff again to thank him for getting her to see the light. She grinned evilly.


The Goddess Hathor said...

Ordinarily I'd comment at the other place,

I lmao at the whole Duff-Liz-Jon exchange. Good Christ, I wouldn't know where to look/grab/kiss first!!


Joviswoman said...

Damn woman was your sniffer on new chapter alerts lmao.

Yeah I always thought Duff was the hot one out of GnR's ;)