Saturday, 26 July 2008

Chapter 90

Al was still thinking about all the shit that damn interview caused, if she ever saw Skinner he was a bloody dead man! The waiter arrived to take their drinks order, Al stuck to coke. Jon tried to tell her another drink wouldn’t hurt her, but she stuck to her guns and said coke was fine with her, she needed to stay sharp so she didn’t miss anything else that might happen tonight.

The food was ordered and the talk turned to the tour and how it was going and what was to come.

The three girls just sat rolling their eyes as the guys forgot all about them.

Al winked at Liz and making a great gesture, she took her hand from the table and placed it on Tico’s thigh, it made him stop but then he carried on talking. Liz laughed, and did the same to Jon, and got the same reaction. Mandy not to be left out laid her hand gingerly on Hugh’s thigh, which earned her a smile, then he carried on talking. More eye rolls from the girls.

Al decided to fight fire with fire, she leered at the other two and they immediately got what she was going to do, they nodded too, what the hell!

As one the girls slid their hands to the top of their men’s thighs, and tucked their hands between the men’s legs, Al and Liz rubbing the backs of their hands against the boys dicks; conversation crashed to a halt as Tico, Jon and Hugh finally got the message that their ladies were bored!

Tico’s eyes filled with passion and a slumberous look took over, he leant over and kissed Al, working his tongue into her mouth.

Jon followed suite with Liz, and Hugh gently placed a butterfly kiss on Mandy’s lips, leaving her wanting a whole hell of a lot more!

‘Well damn David, you think we’ve become invisible?’ Richie watched the three couples, loving the way the men’s new respective halves could stop a conversation in mid flow, lucky bastards!

‘Just a bit man, just a bit.’ But he’d got a big grin on his face, nice to see that someone could stop Jon talking about work.

Jon and Tico looked up from their ladies, flicked them the bird and grinned goofily at each other.

‘I’m sorry to disturb you, ladies, gentlemen.’ Two waiters had appeared at the table, one carrying champagne flutes and another with a bucket with Crystal champagne in it.

‘Sorry boys we didn’t order that.’ Jon told them, flashing a quick glance about the table just in case.

‘Oh no Mr. Bon Jovi this is sent to Mr. Torres companion, with complements on handling the media.’ The man proceeded to fill each flute. Al wondered who had sent it and why to her.

‘Ok, thanks, but who sent it over?’ Tico’s rasp held a little jealousy in it.

‘Oh I’m sorry sir, the gentlemen over in the corner.’ He gestured to the far corner.

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