Saturday, 19 July 2008

Chapter 86

After getting out again, Al quickly blew dry and fluffed her hair, and applied her makeup; while Tico shaved next to her; talk about acting like an old married couple! ‘Hey watch you don’t shave off the fluff querido!’ Al said as she walked back into the bathroom having put on underwear instead of the towel she’d been wearing since they got out of the shower again.

‘I’m always careful.’ He turned to look at her, his jaw hit the floor when he saw her bra and panties, they were blood red! Holy fuck he had a feeling that he’d have an erection all night now he knew what she was wearing under her clothes!

As she walked passed she placed a gentle finger under his chin and pushed his jaw to, ‘Miel you’re catching flies. Plus you’ve seen this all before, it’s not like I haven’t worn bra and panties in the last few days.’

‘Yeah, but compared to the bits of froth you’re wearing now, they were safe and sensible, these well darlin, make a man walk over broken glass to get to you.’ His hands caught her too him, making her chuckle.

‘Sorry honey but times moving on! Don’t want to be late, do we.’ She battered her lashes at him, pecked him on the lips and sashayed to her closet; she looked back over her shoulder coquettishly, blew him a kiss and went in.

Grinning he followed her; he’d made damn sure she knew he was here to stay, his clothes now mingled with hers in the closet and the drawers. Walking in he stopped dead in his tracks, she was bent over at the waist, her hair falling over her face, her breast swaying as she moved, hunting for something just beyond her reach! But what got him the most was the shoes she’d now got on, they matched her underwear, and shit, they must be at least four inches high; the sight was permanently burned onto his retinas.

‘Fuck woman you trying to give me a stroke?’ He licked his lips as she stood up straight, legs still apart, and gave him a saucy smile over her shoulder.

‘Nope, why you think this would do it?’ She leant forward again, still facing away from him and slowly lowered herself downwards, her hands caressing her leg all the way down, till she gripped her ankle, and then she worked her way back up.

Tico was now gasping for air, ‘Shit querido I didn’t know you were that flexible!’ He started towards her, his intent clear in both his eyes and his briefs.

‘No Tico!!! We’ve got to get dressed, no, stop it, aw hell!’ She gave up, and because of the added height he could bury his face into her cleavage without too much trouble, walking her back till she hit the back wall.

The sound of the phone stopped them dead, and they started to laugh, together they said, ‘Damn kids!’ Reluctantly letting her go, he went and grabbed his cell, ‘What, no, fuck off, thirty minutes, ok?’ He snapped it shut, quickly combed his hair and walked back into the closet, ‘Holy fuck you are not going out in that, I’d have to kill Sambora!’ His eyes wandered all over her, it seemed to have got hot in there, ‘Jon said smart casual darlin.’

‘Sweetie, for the Ivy, this is smart and casual! What’s wrong with it?’

‘Abso-fuckin-nothin, just I’d have to fight off every man there, and my brothers!’

Al walked to the full length mirror, looking back was herself! Yes she’d been living in jeans and t-shirts since she’d met the guys, but it was nice to dress up once in a while! The trousers were soft leather in deep red, the colour of her underwear. They moulded to her like a second skin, so what? What Tico didn’t know, she’d had to take off her panties, she didn’t want VPL! The top was a black halter neck, with a deep v and showed ample red laced cleavage, completing the outfit, silver earrings, necklace, bracelet and arm cuff. Oh and don’t forget the CFM’s!

‘So, you don’t want me to wear this? Why? I can’t see anything wrong with it; I’ve worn it out before.’

‘Yeah but you didn’t go out with these horn dogs! And no you look so hot in that, I just want to…………… shit I need to stop thinking like that! Ok you can go out in that……… No you can’t!’ He’d just seen the back or the lack of it as she turned to get her purse, now thinking back, he realised the bra had been a halter one and the straps had looped about her stomach and with this top on, you didn’t see the damn bra, except from the front!

‘Now what?’

‘Where’s the rest of that back?’ He growled all he could see was the smooth surface of her back; he itched to run his fingers down it. Her ass looked damn good in those trousers too!

‘Sweet Jesus Teek, it’s a top, that’s all! Yes the backs a bit low, but I like it, so live with it or stay here! Your choice honey!’ Honey was said in a derogatory tone.

Muttering he gave in, he felt jealous as hell that every man would have his eyes glued to his woman! It didn’t sit well. He muttered some more.

‘Oh for fuck’s sake Teek, you were married to Eva, she was a damn model, and why I needed to remind myself of that Christ knows! She took her clothes off for a bloody living, were you like this with her?’

That pulled him up short, and he realised he hadn’t been. ‘No, but I knew what she did for a living mi corazon, it was always there, it never phased me. I’m sorry, you brought out the caveman in me, and I just want to keep you to myself, is that so wrong? What if some young stud walks in and sweeps you off your feet? I’d be a broken man mi vida.’

She walked over to him, flicked his forehead and then kissed the sting away. ‘Tico, I love you, hear that, not anyone else, you!’ She tugged on his burns, ‘I’m not leaving you, ever! I’m like a limpet, you’re stuck with me. I love the caveman bit, but I wanted to look pretty for you, not anyone else. I only have eyes for you miel, no one else. Get it?’

He smiled at her, ‘Yeah I think I get it now, and a limpet, damn great analogy querido! And I love you too.’ They shared a gentle kiss, ‘Now reapply some more gloop and let’s get out of here before I ravage you!’

‘Sweetie, you may want to put some clothes on, otherwise I’m going to be the one doing the slaughtering!’

‘Shit!’ He turned and looked at the closet, what should he wear? ‘Ally help me darlin.’ He dropped his voice and she saw her shiver, good!

Walking over she quickly scanned his clothes, pulling out a pair of tuxedo trousers. Rifling through his shirts she found a deep rose coloured one, near enough to her trousers, ‘Here you go, leave the shirt out though.’ Then she went into the few pairs of shoes he’d brought with him, she found a highly polished black pair of evening shoes. That was him completed.

He liked what she’d given him, it was very him, casual and laid back but chic enough to get him into anywhere. Plus he liked her choosing his clothes, she knew what he’d like and be comfortable in! He dressed quickly, and then went for his watch, wondering what necklace he should wear? He was holding his two favourite ones up when Al walked up behind him.

‘Here, try this one.’ She handed him a beautiful rope necklace, just the sort he liked, and on it was a miniature drum made out of silver, it was about an inch in diameter, with small diamonds around the edge of the drum, when he moved it the light bounce off it.

‘Querido, it’s beautiful.’ He kissed her and put it on; it glistened in the middle of his chest, nestled in his fur. He fingered it, turning it; he caught something on the back and took a closer look. ‘Darlin, you made this didn’t you?’

Al blushed, she’d been playing around with silver smithing for several years, this pendant had been made two or three months ago, but she’d never imagined she’d be able to actually give him it. ‘Yeah.’ She’d got quite a few pieces of jewellery, she’d specifically made them for men, but she’d worn the drum around the house, feeling silly, but she like feeling silly at times.

‘Angel its fantastic, I love it! Jon’s going to be so damn jealous.’ He chortled. ‘You really are full of surprises aren’t you?’ He kissed her again, feeling the pendant slowly heat to his bodies’ warmth. ‘It’s time to go miel, though I’d sooner stay here, and thank you for my necklace.’ He waggled his eyebrows, making Al laugh.

‘Nah the kids will start bitching through the damn door and put me right off.’ Her heart was full to bursting, he loved her gift. ‘I just need to put my bits in my purse, you go ahead, and I won’t be a minute. You can brag to Jon before I get there; just no scuffling.’ She turned and headed back into the closet, making Tico salivate again at the sight of her bare back.

‘Yes dear.’ And laughing he walked to the door, unlocked it and went in search of his brothers.

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