Monday, 28 July 2008

Chapter 94

Al took the stairs two at a time, steam coming out of her ears; she hit the top step running! She didn’t give a shit if Liz was with him, she couldn’t remember, he was going to die! The bastard had lied to her, openly looked her in the eyes and lied his pert little butt of! And the others had said nothing either, that made her madder realising Tico had lied by omission!

She slammed the door open, banging it loudly off the wall, that’d need re-plastering, shit!

As the door hit the wall, Jon went from a hot and horny dream to sitting straight up in bed wondering is there was an earthquake? Lizzie jumped upright, grabbing her head, what the hell…… then she spotted a very pissed Al, oh shit, what was wrong.

Jon just managed to register Al before instinct took over as a vase flew passed his head by inches, smashing into the wall.

‘You fucking bastard, you lying conniving shit! You fuckin lied to my face, you two faced wanker! You knew they were flying in and you fuckin lied to me!’ A book sailed towards him and he managed to knock it away with his arm, her aim was getting better!

‘I’ve just had the most embarrassing experience of my life! How’d you think I felt opening the door to find your fucking mother and all the kids waiting for me you shit! I’m not even dressed, and your kids are eyeing up my legs, there fucking bare because I had no fucking notice they were turning up on my doorstep you prick!’ She was pacing back and forth, and luckily for Jon, there was nothing else heavy she could throw.

A cushion caught him upside his head, making his ear ring, shit! ‘Now darlin calm dow..’ Another cushion hit him square in the face, by now Liz was out of bed and standing out of the way trying to groggily follow the conversation.

‘Do not tell me to calm down, how dare you do this to me! I asked you if there was anything else you needed to tell me and you fucking lied!’ With that she ripped the duvet off him, barely registering he was naked, ‘Get your ass out of my house, now and take your brothers with you!’ With that she stomped back out the door, only to find all the others were stood there bleary eyed and shocked, Tico with them, rumpled and sexy, damnit!

Pointing at each one, including Tico, ‘You bastards knew about this and you said nothing! You’re all as bad, you heard me pack the hell up and get out of my home! Now!’ With that she ran into her room, slammed and locked the door.

Richie looked at a stunned Jon emerging from his room, ‘I take it the brood and mom arrived?’

‘Yes we did, now get some clothes on all of you, and start either packing or grovelling! John Francis Bongiovi, you should be ashamed of yourself! I thought I’d taught you better! That poor girl had the shock of her life finding us on her doorstep, how could you. The rest of you are as bad, you are supposed to be role models for your children, who’ve just had to listen to some of that till we ushered them outside in the garden! I don’t blame Ally for letting rip, John you’re just spoilt.’ With that Carol turned on her heel and walked back downstairs, hoping to god John would right this wrong.

The men still stood there, stunned at what had happened Tico couldn’t move he was rooted to the spot.

Liz emerged dressed in Jon’s shirt; her clothes in hand as she drew level with him, her empty hand pulled back and slapped him across the face! ‘How dare you lie to her, how can I trust anything you’ve said or say. Stay the hell away from me you lying bastard!’ She glared at the rest who parted, and with as much dignity she could muster, she walked to Al’s room knocked on the door, and after letting her know who was there, the door opened, Liz walked in and the door shut and relocked, but not before Tico caught sight of the tears running down her face, his heart broke in two, they’d caused all that hurt.

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The Goddess Hathor said...

Guys, you gotta make it right, though you deserve to get your asses thrown out of her house...on to the next bit!