Monday, 5 May 2008

Chapter 58

Al heard them the laughing and bitching at each other. ‘Erm … miel, the kids are on the move.’ His arms tightened about her and he kissed the top of her head. They were sat in the big comfy chair that looked out of the glass wall. Tico had insisted they snuggle for a while, mainly he said so he could catch his damn breath. Al had laughed at that till he silenced her with a lip lock full of sin and peppermint! They’d brushed their teeth.

‘Yeah, they must have finally figured out something wasn’t right!’ He chuckled, and Al heard the deep grumble in his chest. Damn she loved that chuckle.

On cue fists hammered on the door, ‘Hey Ally, we’ve finished chattin your girlfriends up, they didn’t believe us, till we used your MSN and web cam. I think Sarah passed out!’ Male laughter floated threw the door.

Al flew off Tico’s lap before he had chance to grab her, fuckin Sambora strikes again!

The door was nearly taken off the hinges as Al yanked it open, ‘You better have not done any of what you’ve just said.’ Her finger jabbing into Richie’s chest as she spoke, ‘Sarah would never forgive me! Tell me you’re just winding me up, otherwise you better start running you shmuck!’ Her eyes bore into him. ‘And what do you mean ‘girlfriend’S? What have you done?’

At that minute the phone started to ringing, walking back into her room she grabbed the cordless, whirling and giving the hairy eyeball still to the men standing outside the door. ‘Hello?’

‘Alice, what the hell’s goin on over there sugar? Richie freakin Sambora used your sign in on MSN and scared the shit out of Lena, Joanne, Sandy and myself!!!’ The high pitched near scream echoed down the phone, Sarah was nearly hysterical.

‘You fucking morons you did it, didn’t you? I asked you not too, but oh no, friggin Mr Rock Stars don’t listen do they? Hell no! You jackasses just do what the hell you want and damn the consequences!’ She was pissed; they screwed with her trust, fuckers!

‘Now darl…………..’ Richie started to placate, he’d seen her mad before, but she was way passed that now.

She threw the phone to Tico, ‘Try and calm her down.’ Then she turned on the four men stood there. ‘Tony why the hell didn’t you stop them? Mike? Jesus H Christ how could I have been so damn stupid. Did none of you think of the problems you could cause me?’ Richie and David looked sheepish; it felt like they were in front of the teacher. ‘No you didn’t, good god, whatever do my friends think.’ She buried her head in her hands, praying she could calm down before she castrated someone.


Opester said...

Uh-oh........this looks bad for the boys! Please don't punish Jon, tho! He wasn't involved! He was downstairs with me...errrr, I mean Liz!

Sunstreaked said...

I get the goofiest grin on my face when I read this story. I can see these damn "boys" just acting like the silly kids they are and now the feces have really hit the fan! Al is so freaking funny when she get's mad and Richie and the rest are gonna push her buttons as best they can - Whoopie!

Hope you get a chance to post more soon. Please don't make us wait too long to find out who gets castrated and for Al to find out about her friend and Jon!!!