Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Chapter 57

Back in the games room Liz was moaning again, but it wasn’t Jon fucking her senseless, well not at the minute! After that deep long kiss he’d given her he’d made his way down her till he sat at her feet. He preceded the take each foot in turn and started massaging them. Working his way around her toes, the insteps turned out the have a whole erotic zone of their own and his thumbs had pushed deeply into them, making Liz’s eyes roll back in her head. Damn, the mans hands were lethal.

She’d thought after that kiss he’d go straight in for more sex. It hadn’t occurred to her he wouldn’t!

She felt his lips whisper across the instep, and Liz felt herself getting hot and bothered all over again.

Jon wondered what happened to him?! he’d meant to kiss his way back down her and suck and lick her again till she’d cum several more times, then make love slowly till she screamed again. But on the way he’d somehow got side tracked and gone passed his prize and started to massage her legs, ankles and finally her feet.

He’d never done this before, a raging hard on and he’d ignored it! Fuck what the hell had happened. He heard Lizzie groan as his lips skimmed her ankle, and he saw the effect he was having on her, he could see her juices glistening in her thatch.

He gently bit the back of her calf and her eyes flew open, he grinned down at her and bit her again, she liked being bitten. He moved and settled her legs over each of his shoulders and pulled her up towards him, he licked his lips in anticipation as her mound drew closer to his mouth. His hands underneath her buttocks supported her; he placed a pillow under her too. Then looking her in the eye again, he leered at her, then he licked her lips bottom to top; slowly burrowing his tongue threw her curls to her nub. Liz arched even further off the couch pushing him into her.

Jon’s fingers gripped her ass as he began to suck hard on her clit, her response as a scream, muffled only by her hand pushed into her mouth. He continued as one after another her orgasms took her further into oblivion. By now his dick was begging for release as much as Liz begged him to fuck her, Jon knew he needed to take her, and soon or he’d explode all over her and damn he wasn’t eighteen any more!!

With that thought running around his fog covered brain he gently kissed the insides of her thighs and slowly let her sink to the couch again, her breasts bouncing up and down as she fought for air. Jesus the man was trying to fuck her to death!

Liz suddenly found herself being flipped onto her stomach, Jon stopping for a minute for her to adjust, and get to her knees. She braced her hands on the arm of the couch and shivered with lust and excitement as she had always had this fantasy about how he’d take her like this.

His hands gripped her hips and as he thrust slowly forward he pulled her back onto him. Liz’s breath stopped as his length filled her, her head falling forward, resting on her hands as he pulled out then thrust into her, she thought he was trying to crawl inside her as he got deeper than anyone before him.

Jon could feel that he was near to falling into ecstasy once more, but Liz hadn’t yet reached the edge, his fingers slipped easily over her and into her caressing her clit as he started to speed up. Liz was moaning he smiled at that, time to make her scream his name. He bent over and as he thrust into her again and again, his fingers dancing over that most sensitive nub, licked the sweat from her shoulder, and then bit her, marking her.

‘Oh god ………… JON …………………………’ Liz screamed as the sting on her shoulder went straight to her womb. She came nearly violently, thrashing beneath him. she clamped down on him and Jon shouted ‘Yes’ as he too came, nearly bending backwards as he thrust in one last time, the veins on his neck standing out, sweat running down his face and back.

When he came back to earth he kissed the mark on her shoulder, grinning like a kid. They collapsed in a tangle of body parts, snuggling up to each other, Jon wrapped Liz in his arms and pulled her back against him kissing whatever he could reach.

Liz lay in the fuzzy warmth of after love making bliss, damn she could get used to this!

They fell asleep, both with big grins on their faces, forgetting where they were.
And who was about!


Opester said...

I still wanna be Liz! Please??????? Damn, Jon, damn!

Joviswoman said...

Sorry, role of Liz is taken lmao!

Glad you seemed to like it ;)

Sunstreaked said...

Holy crap! I don't care if Liz is "taken" by someone else, I wanna be her too. That was a HOT, HOT, HOT chapter and I will need a bit of recovery time. Not too long though, post more woman, you're story is freaking great!

Opester said...

More, more, more! getting impatient and stomping my feet...I may even start whining!(j/k)