Thursday, 22 May 2008

Chapter 63

Tico and Al slowly made there way downstairs, hand in hand. Al thought about the last three days, Christ was that all it had been? They’d been magical, and she prayed that it stayed that way, but knowing her luck she’d wake up soon and find it all a wonderful, hot and horny dream!

She checked her watch, it was now gone seven, no wonder her tummy was rumbling. Good job she always had a filled freezer with homemade food. Mind you the way this lot ate, the shelves would be bare in three or four days. She chuckled, picturing David’s face when there was nothing left. Poor baby!

‘What’s so funny querido?

‘Nothing much just wondering how long my food supplies will last with you lot about.’

‘Well miel, with Rich and Davy eating, not long honey, not long at all.’

‘Hey, you and Jon don’t do too damn bad out of it. I watched you eating so don’t blame it on the tall ones.’ She laughed.

Reaching the bottom, no one was in sight and it was quiet, too damn quiet! The door to the basement was wide open. Jesus, boys will be boys. They headed to the door just as they made the top of the stairs they heard ‘Hey asshole! You down there?’ Then it was followed by male laughter and pounding on a door.

‘I swear you break that damn door Sambora and you’re paying for it!’ Al shouted down the stairs.

‘Oh fuck, SF alert!’ That gem from Tony.

Al looked at Tico, ‘SF?’

He laughed, ‘I think it could mean spitfire miel.’

‘Well I suppose its better than what they could have called me.’ She snickered delicately.

Al in front they walked down to see what the hell was going on. All four guys were lounging outside the play room.

‘Ok what the hell’s going on?’ She aimed it at Richie as he was the one with his ear to the door.

‘Weeeeeeeell, sounds like people in there trying to jump into their clothes, and not being very good at it.’ He said a shit eating grin shining at everyone.

‘Dare I even ask how you know that, and do we really want to know?’ Al tried to frown; damn it was hard when all she wanted to do was laugh again!

‘Well darlin, I know their not making a good job, because all I can here is swearing and cursing cause someone’s shirt ended up lord knows where.’ With that he doubled over and gave into his mirth.

Al’s jaw hit the floor, no, she wouldn’t, mind you Jon did look at Liz like a juicy steak. Her best friend and Jon, Al’s smile grew, that could be interesting.

Richie raised his fist to bang on the door again just as it jerked open, and standing there was a very flushed Mr Bon Jovi, shirt still wide open, hair looking like someone had been running their fingers through it. Liz was stood just behind him, her lips very puffy from being kissed senseless; her hair like Jon’s was all over the place and on her neck …..

‘Jesus how old are you guys, hickies?!!’ Al said without thinking, eyeing several fresh looking love bites around Liz’s neck. She glanced over towards Jon, she didn’t see any on his neck, but glancing down she spied one just below his nipple before he quickly buttoned his shirt up, Al grinned way to go you Liz gave him some back, cause she was damn sure he’d have more than one.

‘Jon and Lizzie kissing in the tree k.i.s.s ………..’ Richie started to sing out.

Jon moved forward and thwacked his brother in the arm, ‘Can it jackass!’

‘So Liz how was he?’ Al couldn’t resist, her friends cheeks went even redder and dropped her head forward and groaned.

‘Ally you embarrassing her.’ Jon blustered.

‘Honey, I hate to burst your bubble but us women share more than you guys do! And don’t you look cute Jon, all buttoned up wrong.’ She grinned.

Jon glanced down and realised half his buttons were in the wrong holes, ah damn! With what little dignity he had left, he took hold on Liz’s hand and glaring at Ally, headed towards the stairs, everyone else trailing behind them.

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Opester said...

ROTFLMAO! Poor Jon and Liz-no peace! But I have no doubt it was worth it!