Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Chapter 50

Liz was worried! A man had answered at her best friends place and said he was John, and Alice was taking a shower. WTF! Her friend never picked up men!! She’d run from her home two streets over, and was now leaning her finger on the damn bell.

She had her cell in hand in, police number in the window ready to hit send if she needed it.

She heard a muffled shout, her finger went to the connect button and just as she was about to hit call, the door was flung open. Her jaw hit the floor, and swear to god her eyes bugged out. There in her bf’s door way with a massive mega watt grin stood Jon Bon bleeding Jovi, the man of her hot and heavy fantasies!

‘Jon you bastard, I’m gonna bloody kill you! You’re a total wan …………… oh hey Lizzie.’ Al came to a grinding halt, fist pulled back ready to lump him one. She grinned at her friend.

Liz stood there just staring at Jon. Taking in his tousled hair, white shirt tucked in on one side to some tight jeans, it was opened half way down showing his fur; and holy crap, bare feet. She started to sweat. What the hell had Alice been up too? And how in God’s green earth had she nailed Jon!

‘Hey there Lizzie darlin, come on in a join the party.’ He purred, reaching out and grabbing Al’s stunned friend by her clammy hand and dragged her in.

Liz was waiting for that damn alarm clock to start shrieking at her and snapping her out of this wonderful dream. Damn he felt soooo real! His fingers were rough from playing his guitar, but his palms were smooth, damn she was getting wet! One hell of a detailed dream this one!

Al looked at Liz and realised what her friends look meant, she didn’t believe this was happening. She couldn’t blame her in the least! Grinning as Jon dragged her into the house and slammed the door, making Liz jump.

Walking over she grabbed Liz in a hug, going up onto her tip toes and whispering in her ear, ‘Sweetie you’re awake this is happening, Jon has got you by the hand, you are awake.’ Turning to the others sat at the table, ‘Guys I’d like you to meet my best friend Liz. Liz I’d introduce you but you know who they are.’ Al walked over and sat on Tico’s knee as Jon steered the still unbelieving Liz to Al’s vacated chair, pushing her into it. All the men said hey and eyed up the newcomer.

Richie got up and fetched another mug and the coffee pot, filling that one for Liz and putting it in her hand, refilling the others. Jon still had her other hand in his, running his fingers over her knuckles, wondering if he’d sent her into a mental breakdown? She was cute. Where Al was short and blonde, Liz was about 5ft 8” and short spiky dark hair, and smoky grey eyes. Nice package!

The men looked at Al who shrugged her shoulders. ‘Liz, you ok?’ With a sigh she did what she needed to, she pinched Liz, hard!

‘Ow shit Alice what did you do that for?’ An irate Liz finally snapped from her trance to let into her bf.

‘I did it so you’d stop looking like a twit!’ Al grinned again; Liz was staring around the table. The bell went again; Al got up to answer it.

There stood Mike and a harassed looking Tony, ‘Ok where’s my asshole brother?’ Were the first words out of his mouth?

‘Well good morning, sorry, afternoon to you to sunshine. Aren’t we a bundle of joy today?’ She laughed another one with the Bongiovi temper.

‘I would be happy if the old man would turn his mobile on! Mom’s been trying to ring you for hours!’ Richie thrust a mug of coffee at Tony, who slugged it back like it was whiskey.

‘Wow Al you’ve got some place here.’ Mike looked about in awe.

‘You should see what she’d go in the basement.’ David piped up with lust in his eyes.

Meanwhile poor Liz looked on in bemused awe and shock as they all started talking at once, conversation flying thick and fast. But in the middle of all this turmoil sat Alice, on Tico’s knee, his fingers intertwined with hers. What the hell is going on?

‘Alice can I see you in your office?’ She regally made the request and jumped when she realised Jon still had hold of her hand. She glanced at him and found him watching her, a slight grin tugging the corners of his mouth.

Al looking perplexed nodded ok, leaning over she kissed Tico dead on the lips and Liz’s jaw hit the table. ‘Cute aren’t they.’ Jon leaned over and asked her. ‘They’ve been like that since the concert. We think we’ll get tooth decay with all the sugar about here.’

Liz couldn’t help it, she cracked out laughing. The place went quite. Getting up she took eased her hand from Jon’s, and taking hold of Al steering her towards the stairs, ‘I wouldn’t know about that, but I’m damn well gonna find out how in God’s name you lot are walking about like you own the bloody place.’ With that the girls disappeared up the stairs, with the guys’ laughter ringing in their ears.

Liz didn’t say a word all the way too Alice’s office. Walking in after Al, Liz slammed the door to.

‘Now wtf is going on Alice Newcombe?

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