Saturday, 2 February 2008

Chapter 47

She was having the most erotic dream. Lips and tongue were on her breast, fingers between her legs, pushing in and out of her, a thumb on her clit; teasing it to plumpness, her juices flowing. She moaned and the mouth move downwards, fur tickling her skin. Her breath was coming in pants; her hands holding onto the head, as he reached his goal. His wicked tongue was swirling over her clit, his fingers thrusting in and out of her, faster and faster. His teeth gently closed on her and then sucked!

She came awake as her orgasm over took her, leaving her weak and disorientated; sobbing and shattered. She looked down, and there looking up at her from between her legs, Tico.

‘Mornin querido.’ He growled as he climbed back up her trembling body, sheathing himself in that warmth with one slow measured thrust. She gasped as her body responded once more, heating up. He growned his hips, twisting and jerking them, taking her up once again, till she was spiralling out of control, crashing over the edge.

Tico grinned, rocking his hips, looking at the woman below him. She had a red flush from head to chest, panting beneath him. Damn life was fuckin good, and he was still hard, and ready for more.

Al came down once again, and realised he hadn’t come, bloody hell he was trying to kill her. But what a way to go!

‘Turn over for me amour.’ He growled, slowly withdrawing from her.

She did, moving till she was on all fours; squeaking when she felt his teeth on her butt cheek, his evil laugh as he kissed his way up her spine. He brought himself flush against her back, kissing her neck, turning her head so he could thrust his tongue into her mouth. ‘Lean over the end of the bed.’ He purred in her ear. He loved this leather sleigh bed of hers, if had a massive padded curl at the bottom, and luckily for him about the right height.

She complied.

He nudged her legs further apart, arranging her so he would have full access to her. He moved in behind her, she could feel his shaft tapping her ass.

Al could feel herself, if possible, getting wetter. Damn her imagination dulled in comparison to the real thing; his hands playing with her breasts, supporting himself on her ass, his shaft now between her legs. He made no move to enter her. ‘Miel, please, take me.’ She moaned at him.

At her words he pulled back and slammed into her, Al screamed, coming straight away; the explosion rocking her! Tico’s hands clamped onto he hips and he pummelled into her. All to be heard was the pounding of flesh against flesh, moans from both of them.

He could feel himself reaching the edge, and he wanted her to go over with him this time. His hand snaked forward as he continued to thrust into her. Unerringly he found her nub, and started to rub on it.

Her felt her inner walls tighten again on him, at the same time as he buried himself to the hilt, his fingers found the spot on her and they both flew over the cliff together. His shout for Al reverberated about the room.

They stayed linked together, panting trying to catch their breath, sweat dripping. Tico rained kisses over her back, ‘¡Te amo mi ├íngel!’ (I love you my angel!). He moved out of her and pulled her quaking body to his, laying her head on his chest, and soothing her. ‘Whether you like it or not luz de mi vida, I’m gonna say it. So get used to hearing it.’

‘Damn man you don’t pull punches do you.’

‘Darlin I’m heading off towards sixty and you’ve come into my life and I’m keeping hold of you, and not letting you go. I’m not a youngster anymore; I don’t want to play games. I want to enjoy every minute with you. I’m shittin myself that you don’t feel the same?’ He braced himself for rejection; she’d made it plain that she thought talk of love was too soon.

Al swallowed, did she take a chance and jump in and see what happens, or run!

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WOW! That's the way a want to wake up every morning! Great Chapter.