Monday, 17 March 2008

Chapter 54

He wasn’t sure if he was sorry she hadn’t put up more of a fight. ‘You ok there sweetheart?’ She’d gone really quite when he’d gone threw the cellar doors.

Her reply was a resounding slap on his ass that had him nearly falling down the last two stairs! ‘Yup, fine thank you.’ He could hear the saccharine dripping off her tone. Damn she’d got a good arm, his ass smarted from where she’d connected, and she was upside down too.

He headed into the games room straight for the couch. He moved her forward down his body, man he must be a masochist, and as her head hit his shoulder, he sat, making her squeak again, damn that was cute. She was now sat on his lap, knees bent glaring at him, and him with a raging hard on. ‘Now what the hell was that upstairs? One minute we were, I hope, enjoying each other, the next you hit me.’ He waited, she’d gone bright red.

‘I don’t like being manhandled by anyone!’

‘Darlin that was the furthest away from manhandling you could ever get. Now spill it lady!’

She took a deep breath, and Jon’s jeans tightened even more, oh fuck talk about a walking hard on, sheesh! ‘I just realised who was kissing me, and realised I didn’t want to be a notch on your belt.’ She looked him straight in the eye, and prayed he’d say she was wrong.

‘Liz, damn woman, you’re straight to the point. Well darlin, I gave up notching my belt over a decade ago. If I wanted a one night stand I wouldn’t have chosen Ally’s best friend to do it with. She’d get Richie to beat the shit outta me.’ He laughed, that woman had got his friends so protective of her after the debacle with Frank; she’d only have to well up with tears and she’d have whoever’s balls in her hand, mounted on a plaque, before the offender knew what hit them. And he wouldn’t want it to be him!

Liz didn’t know what the hell to do or say, she felt like a right blonde! She supposed he was right, it wouldn’t look good to jump someone’s bf, then leave them swinging. And hell and damnation, she wasn’t blind or feeling deficient! She knew she affected him, and hell second grader be damned! This boy was packing!

His hands grew restless. They’d been on the back of her calves, now they’d started to wander. He stretched a little and Liz had to grab the couch behind his head to stop her landing her boobage in his face. His hands were now on the front of her thighs, rubbing up and down. Liz was inhaling threw her nose and out through her mouth, slowly, so he didn’t realise how much she wanted to say, ‘Aw hell’ and jump him!

He really wanted to kiss her again, but he’d no freakin clue if she’d slap him. Damn his dick had nearly broken his damn zipper when she’d smacked him. Hell it hadn’t stopped trying to get out since. Ok time to lay, shit bad choice of words, it on the line, ‘Lizzie darlin, look at me.’ She did, but tried to put her head down, he gripped her chin and raised it so they were eye to eye. ‘I don’t want a one night stand! From the moment I opened that door and saw you standing there, I wanted you, and not just for sex! Shush. I took one look at a woman who’d come to her best friends assistance, not knowing what she’d find; ready to kill if the look you was givin out was anything to go by.’ He chuckled. ‘As much as I want you at this minute, I want to get to know you more. So if you say ‘back off Jon’, I will. But know this, I won’t give up. And until further notice lady you are off the market!’ He waited, wondering how she’d take that last bit!

Liz sat there, stunned! Good God he was serious. ‘Off the market, you don’t even know if I’m married, engaged or going out with someone. Damn you’re arrogant!’ She tried to get up; he clamped his hands on her hips and held her fast.

‘Well, are you any of the above?’ He’d never even give it a second thought that she could already be taken. The first thing he always checked with a woman, was her ring finger, or he subtly inquired if her other half was around. But with Liz, his dick led this one.

‘If I was I’d be one hell of a slut! I don’t go out with married men, and if I was married, engaged or seeing someone I wouldn’t even go near you. I’m not like some fans that have a ‘get out of marriage’ free card for the night, to have a shag with the great JBJ! Now get off me you over inflated egotist!’

‘You didn’t say it.’

‘Say what?’ Liz was confused and out of sorts.

‘Back off Jon.’ He said, then grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and pulled her in for a mind blowing kiss. The other slipped under the black t-shirt and found flesh.

Liz thought about fighting him, for about a millisecond; then his hands hit bare flesh and she was lost. She’d tried to fight herself and her instinct to jump him; but fuck it was Jon Bon Jovi! And she still didn’t really believe what he’d said, but hell she so freakin wanted him. Her mind shut down, and she let her senses have free reign.

Jon felt her give in and groaned with pleasure, deepening the kiss. Pulling her more against him, so her that her crotch met his raging dick. She squirmed to get closer, her hands now in his hair tugging and stroking it.

She gasped as his hand found her covered breast, and started the gently pummel it. His mouth attached itself to her neck and sucked. He heard her keening moan and did it again. He liked making her moan, but he sure like to see if he could get her to scream for him!


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Yes! Yes! Yes! (That's me doing my happy dance!) A new chapter and one that has more of you've done it...I am even more hooked!

Great writing, just outstanding!

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Please throw Jonny baby at me too! I'm very easy to please-so glad I checked back to see a new chapter-just love the playfulness of your characters! I wish I had Liz's nerve, but I'd probably be too busy wiping the drool off the floor!

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