Sunday, 9 March 2008

Chapter 52

Al howled with laughter at Lizzie’s face, she’d never seen her best friend that red before.

Liz didn’t know where to put herself, she wanted to run for the door screaming, but everyone was in the way. With Richie’s shove Jon and she were nose to nose, flippin heck he smell divine! She nervously licked her lips, his eyes lasered onto the movement. Her breath locked in her chest, aw hell Liz calm down he’s not interested in you! You’re taking it out of context.

She nearly leapt through the roof as his hand dropped onto her denim covered knee. He leant closer to her so no one else could hear what he said, just Liz. ‘Do I get to play with my play toy then, it seems fair?’

She went to stand, only to find as she stood up he’d only moved back a little bit so her breast ended up brushing the side of his face. He took advantage and rubbed it. It took all her will power to keep standing. She looked down into his eyes and saw a mixture of devilment and lust vying for poll position. He grinned his deadliest grin, full of charm, and slowly stood up, making contact with her all the way up, then moved away so it ended up looking like he’d not crowded or touched her.

‘Seeing as it’s a lil crowded in here, I nominate you and I to go on a drinks run, what do ya say guys, coffees?’ Everyone nodded in agreement; Jon grabbed Liz’s hand and all but dragged her from the room.

‘Erm miel, don’t you want to rescue your girl friend from Jon’s clutches?’ Tico chuckled.

‘Nah, she’s always wanted to get him to herself. I wanna see what she does now it’s finally happened.’ Al gave a dirty laugh and kissed Tico.

‘Hey Ally, where does Richie’s Pants Bitch live?’ He looked hopeful.

‘That’s my friend Sarah, she’s a TEXAN! She’s got a lil thing for you trousers. But honestly, it’s probably more what’s in them.’ Al laughed, ‘And since when has my name been Ally?’

‘Since we were talking this morning, and decided Al just wasn’t you. Jon came up with Ally and we like it, so get used to it darlin, now phone number, picture of Sarah? Is she married, come on woman I’m single and need setting up with someone!’

‘Hey get in line asshole I got divorced before the rest of ya, I should be set up first!’ David chimed in.

Al rolled her eyes, leant over and switched the computer off.

‘Hey we were going to check that out!’ David looked affronted.

‘If you two think I’m letting you on boards with my friends on, you’ve got another thing coming.’ She headed for the door; she needed to find out what Jon and Liz were up too.

Richie’s hand shot out and pulled her into his arms, ‘Sambora, what have I told up about grabbing my woman?’ Tico’s growl made Al shiver, mmmm possessive!

‘She didn’t answer me, is Sarah married?’ He wrapped his arms about Al and gently lifted her off the floor till she was at his eye level.

‘Bloody hell, Neanderthal much! No she’s not married! Now put me the hell down before I accidentally nail your family jewels.’

He started to put her down, and then stopped, ‘You got a picture of her? Come on Ally my darlin let David and I back onto your comp, phulease!’ He battered his long killer lashes at her. ‘Then you can get Teek on your own.’ His eyebrows waggled.

‘Yeah come on Ally, be a sport these two haven’t played with anything but themselves in months!’ Tony laughed.

Looking at the puppy dog eyes from both David and Richie, she caves in, ‘Under no circumstances are you to leave messages or pm’s do I make myself clear?’ She set the hairy eyeball on both of them. ‘There is a member picture thread, nearly everyone on there has a pic of themselves, Sarah’s on there.’

‘Wouldn’t dream of it sugar, and thanks.’ Yeah like she believed that! But she re booted the comp and logged them onto the web site, they told her they just wanted to check out what people thought. Boy they were going to get a shock when they came across the bitching thread about them out pricing themselves. Both Liz and she had agreed to some degree, she couldn’t wait!

Grabbing Tico’s hand they headed for the door and to find Liz and Jon.


Opester said...

‘Yeah come on Ally, be a sport these two haven’t played with anything but themselves in months!’ Tony laughed.

OMG! I laughed my you know what off on that one! I am such a dialog junkie, so this FF just makes my day! More,more,more-now, now, now! Ooops, sorry. Please?

Joviswoman said...

Sorry honey! The part of Liz is taken, by Liz lmao! She moaned enough I stuck her in the darn story!

I'm writing, but it may be a while.

Gail x