Friday, 21 March 2008

Chapter 55!

Liz’s nerves were on fire, when he sucked her neck it had taken all her strength not to scream! She had a little weird thing, sucking and biting her neck turned her on so damn much. He did it again and her nails flexed into his shoulders where she’d put then to try and ground herself. He groaned and his tongue flicked out and he ran it from one side of her neck to the other. His teeth closed on her again and bit down, gently. A shudder ripped through Liz her head fell back and she ground down onto him. He stored it away to use later.

She felt his hands move again, they landed on her butt and pulled her closer to him; his hips left the couch and slowly rubbed his covered crotch into her. Every moan he got out of her made him all the more harder. He didn’t know why she affected him like this but it felt fuckin surreal. Yeah the word Ally had been using!

Liz had enough; she’d lusted over that chest for twenty odd years, now she wanted to see if up close and damn personnel! ‘Take your shirt off before I bloody rip it off, please.’ She waited to see what he’d do.

Jon heard her voice through the lust filled haze and let go of her, but just long enough to rip the shirt over his head, fuck the buttons. He heard her suck in a breath, her eyes fastened to his chest, she licked her lips and his dick went wild! She reached out her hand towards her goal; vaguely she noticed it was shaking. Her finger tips moved slowly over his pecs, they jumped as she touched them, she grinned. Before she touched his nipples she moved her hand back up. Jon let out the breath he was holding, waiting, and needing her to touch him.

She ran her hand up and traced his tattoo on either side; she’s always wanted to do that. Then without warning she leaned forward and sucked on one of his nipples. Jon nearly shot off the couch, his hands came up and fisted in her hair. Holy fuck! He closed his eyes and prayed to hold onto his tentative grip on reality and not cum in his jeans!

Her mouth moved from one nipple back and forth she went. She wondered if she dare, oh hell in for a penny, her hand carefully started to rub him threw his jeans. ‘Holy shit Lizzie, you’ve got me on a hair trigger, be careful darlin.’ She swallowed, and looked at him, she had him on the edge? She’d been on it since he kissed her! ‘Ok your turn; take your top of for me.’ His blue eyes turned darker at the thought of finally seeing her.

Shyly she took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt, and in one smooth motion lifted it off and tossed it onto his discarded one. Before her arms could fall to her sides his hot mouth latched onto her through her bra, she bit her lip to stop the scream from coming out. His hands went to the front catch, flipped it open, flicked it off her and took her throbbing nipple back into his mouth. Liz did scream a little then; fuck that hot wicked mouth actually on her flesh was her undoing; she literally came apart then and there, sobbing.

Jon’s dick responded to that scream so much it hurt. God she’d cum from just him sucking her breast. Hell he wanted more, now! His hand wandered down between her legs and pushed up, she moaned deep in her throat, rubbing against it, asking for more.

His fingers worked on the zip, opening it he kissed her deeply as his finger pushed passed her jeans and panties. Finding her drenched he slipped his finger into her, just enough to reach her clit. He rubbed it slowly and she growled in her throat.

‘Jon for god’s sake stop fucking playing and get the hell in me now, or let me go!’ Liz was panting now, his fingers working her into a lather. Gone was the hesitancy of a while ago, now she just wanted him to fuck her brains out, or stop and let her out of there!

‘Lizzie my darlin I’m not letting you go anywhere! And your wish m’lady is my command!’ He pushed off the couch taking her with him, till they both stood. He walked to the door and locked it, just in case they came looking for them. Turning he looked at Liz, whose breath sucked in. Damn she was gorgeous. Walking back to her he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Letting her go, he sank to his knees and slowly lowered her jeans, kissing her belly and the top of her mound, her knees went weak and he stood catching her against him. He lay her down on the couch, shucking off his jeans, he noticed she was eyeing him hungrily. This could be the quickest shag in his history if she kept looking at him like that.

Liz couldn’t do anything but stare. Frigging hell he was hot! His member standing proud and huge! She liked her lips again and held out a hand to him, needing him to quench the fire he’d started in her. He moved towards her and she reached out and ran her fingers lovingly over his shaft. He thrust into her hand, moaning when she left it, cupping his balls, squeezing them. He moved her hand away from him, leaving him wanting more.

He lay down on top of her, damn she felt good, she moved her legs apart, showing him what she wanted, him! He kissed her his hands running down and into her, she was still soaked, he gently pushed two fingers into her, she moaned and her hips undulated trying to make him move faster, he obliged. He pumped her while kissing and nibbling her neck, breast whatever he could reach, never straying far from her hungry, greedy lips. He realised she was on her way to another orgasm and pulled his fingers out.

As she started to protest he thrust home, her scream bouncing off the walls. She flew over the edge and into an amazing orgasm, he slowed down letting her catch her breath, then looking into her eyes started to thrust faster and faster, till her legs wrapped about his hips and him nearly on his knees, banging into her. He felt her start to clench onto him, ‘Lizzie look at me.’ Her eyes had been closed since he’d pushed home. They blinked open and stared into his. ‘Cum with me darling.’ She did, and they hurtled over together, both shouting out at their release.

As they lay there, sucking in great lungfuls of air Liz started to laugh. Jon rose up on his arms, ‘What’s so funny honey?’ His eyes crinkling at her chuckles, he hoped to god it wasn’t his performance that brought about this mirth.

‘I’m sorry Jon, it’s just this has finally hit home. I told Alice when we were a lot younger, that one day I’d get you into the sack. It’s not the sack but I’m not picky!’ She starts to chuckle again.

‘Well sweetheart I hope I measure up to your dreams.’ Crap he’s getting a hard on again, well hell.

‘Babe you’ve far surpassed anything my little brain could come up with. And from the feel of it, you’re going to blow all my dreams weeeelll out of the water.’ She rolled her hips against him, grinning.

‘Well I’m gonna try.’ He leant down and slipped his tongue between her lips, and she wrapped her arms about him, holding on tight. One hell of a day!


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Great chapter! Lucky Liz (and yes, I still plan to change my name, LOL!)Just awesome!!!!!!!!

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