Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Chapter 130

Christ he really needed to pull himself together, he’d never been this bad proposing to his other wives before, but then again, he didn’t think the others mattered as much as Al did.

He splashed cold water on his face and dried it, looking in the mirror he didn’t see the young man he’d once been, he only saw the old man he’d become when he wasn’t looking. Would she want him? Oh sure she said she loved him and had said when he asked she’d say yes, but had she really thought this through? He was nearly a decade older than she was.

He sweated some more and paced up and down.

He pulled out the ring he’d got, when he’d seen it he’d immediately thought of Ally, he just hoped she loved it, or they’d be heading back to the jewellers! He’d sneakily took the ring Liz had mentioned Al sometimes wore when the girls went out, to stop men hitting on them. She’d laughed and told him it worked, to a degree. He’d found the ring, and pocketed it before she could catch him this morning. He’d grabbed Hector and headed into town a list of jewellers in his pocket.

The fifth place they’d tried came up with the Bespoke platinum ring with lilac sapphire and diamonds in it, he’d also purchased the matching wedding band that came with it, making it all fit together snugly, looking like one ring. To him it symbolised Al and he fitting together, as one.

The damn thing was now burning a hole in his trouser pocket where he’d shoved it back in. He was surprised there wasn’t a neon glow coming threw the material!!

‘Teek quit worrying a hole in the damn floor!’ The statement from Jon making his heart hit the back of his throat.

‘Fuck Kidd, scare me much more and you’ll have a funeral to attend!’

‘Bro, Ally’s wondering what the hell’s wrong with you. If you’re going to ask her, man up and go for it. If not, calm the fuck down.’ He’d seen Tico propose to his ex’s and he’d never been this bad, he rolled his eyes Christ it must really be love this turn round!

‘Ah shit Kidd you’re right! I’ve just got myself worked up into such a mess it’s unreal! Look even my hands are shakin!’ To prove it he held his hand out and damned if they weren’t acting like they’d got a vibrator in them!

Jon slapped him on the shoulder and dragged him in for a hug, ‘She loves you, hell, she worship’s the ground you walk on! Now go on, go get your woman.’ With that he headed out the door, not wanting to miss when he finally proposed.

He silently prayed for a minute, looked in the mirror once more, called himself a pussy, grinned and headed out to meet his destiny full on.

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Kris said...

OMG that ring is gorgeous! She'll love it!! And it's so cute that Teek is so damn nervous. I just hope this bastard of photographer is gone!