Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Chapter 126

By the time she walked back out Tico had vamoosed! She smiled, she’d heard him rattle the door, and then it had gone quite. She’d carried on with getting her shower, a small smile playing her lips, he’d finally realised what she’d said, he asked and she’d say yes. Yes to a life of love, happiness, joy, with him and his son in the middle of her universe.

Now she’d got to wait and see how it played out. Smiling she dressed and headed for the kitchen.

When she got there Carol was the only one about, ‘I take it everyone’s still in bed?’ She emptied the coffee Tico had brought up for them and got a fresh one, sitting with the older woman, sipping the hot brew, she could feel it diving through her veins, kicking her into full awareness.

‘No, Tico and Hector left ten minutes ago.’

Al’s mug hit the counter, ‘What? Why? Are they okay?’

‘Calm down honey, Tico said they’d an errand to run and would be back before breakfast was served.’ She chuckled at the panic in Al’s eyes.

Al slumped back against the chair for one nasty ass minute she thought he’d re thought the whole thing and legged it! She checked the clock nearly ten, god she hoped things were okay between them; the doorbell had her nearly screaming and jumping six foot off her stool. Carol laughed out loud, ‘Aw honey, you need to calm down before you stroke out.’

Al got up and headed for the door, ‘Tell me about it.’ Carols laughter still following her. Opening the door Richie, David, Obie, Jon, Tony, Mike, Hugh, Mandy, Anna and Liz poured in each kissing her as they passed. ‘Holy shit Bongiovi did you have to blast Sambora out of his pit? And damn it man we could have been having a lie in it is Sunday after all!’ She rolled her eyes, closing the door and followed them into her home!

Richie flicked the bird at her, stood at the bottom of the stairs and shouted in a deafening voice, ‘Time to get up kids if you want breakfast!’

‘Christ Rich, you’ll hurt their hearing!’ But as the words left Al’s lips she heard a squeal of ‘Daddy’ and then the thunder of feet rushing about upstairs.

The others laughed, ‘Darlin how the hell do you think he greets them at home?’ Jon laughed.

‘You’re looking okay there, take it the boys aren’t too bad today?’ Al asked.

‘Nah the boys are okay thanks, just a little tender when touched.’

Liz went bright red and the men snickered. ‘I meant by material you assholes!’ But by then the damage was done and no one believe him.

‘Where’s Teek?’ David asked starting to go pour out coffees, ‘We’re on about going out for breakfast so you and Rich don’t have to cook.’

‘He’s not here; he’s nipped out with Hec. But he said he’d be back for breakfast, but I don’t think he knows you want to go out, does he?’ Carol asked.

He went to push it, as Ally was still there, but one raise eyebrow from Carol told him his ass would be in a sling if he kept talking, making him shut the hell up.

A while later all the kids were washed and dressed and greeting their fathers/uncles etc.

‘Okay, itinerary for today, first breakfast, then we’re off to the London Eye.’ The kids whooped at that. ‘Then the Natural History Museum, and before you bitch you did put it on your ‘want’ lists back home.’ Jon forestalled Jesse and Colton’s reactions.

‘Hey we were the ones who wanted to go there dad!’ Jesse said indignantly as Jon looked at them both after his statement.

‘Okay, calm down, I’m sorry. But I should have thought its dead things.’ He shook his head. ‘Well after that we’re having afternoon tea at the Ritz, so best behaviour please, that includes you two.’ He said giving Richie and David the hairy eyeball.

‘Why us?’ Richie asked with an injured air.

Jon snorted loudly, ‘Last time we went there you started a damn food fight that nearly got us kicked out!’

Al gaped, ‘A food fight at the Ritz, damn I bet you were popular.’ She tried for a straight stern face in front of the kids; she nearly cracked it, till Richie chimed in.

‘Hey, that was over a decade or two ago and those stuck up waiters asked for it!’ he protested.

Al went under, she’d seen the waiters, and it was why people paid to eat there. ‘Anyone got pictures of that one.’ She laughed even harder when Jon glared at her.

‘Yeah I did.’ Obie winked at her.

‘Ob, those I’ve got to see!’

‘Ally, when I get home, there yours.’

Al heard Jon groan and swear under his breath, he grabbed Liz and kissed her, making everyone laugh, so he didn’t swear louder in the kid’s presents. Liz even stroked his hair when he let her up, saying ‘There, there honey, it’ll be fine. Ob, I’m next in line for those please.’ Earning her a sharp slap on her butt from Jon.

As they all laughed the front door opened and Tico and Hector walked in, seeing his uncles he laughed and ran to greet them.

Tico wandered to Ally and kissed her thoroughly, ‘Mornin baby.’

‘Morning querido. Where have you been?’ She was dying with curiosity.

‘Out with my son.’ He kissed her again, smirking at her miffed look.

‘I noticed my painting mysteriously walked itself out of my studio to my bedroom wall sometime last night. Know anything about it?’ Her hand now firmly in his back pocket, squeezing his ass cheek.

‘Yup, I did it, no ones going to have a half naked me, on their wall lady!’ He growled tickling her ear with his fluff and then nibbling it with his teeth, making her squirm.

‘How’d you know it was you, it could be any man!’ She could feel herself melting into a puddle as his teeth grazed her jugular, heading for the other ear.

‘Darlin if that isn’t me, then you’re in big trouble!’ He bit down harder on her neck, knowing this would make her drenched.

‘Christ sake Teek there’s kids about! Let Ally alone.’ David gently reminded him.

‘Sorry, I’ll be more careful in future.’ But the grin he gave Al said he didn’t care who saw them, and she struggled to stay upright!

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Sunstreaked said...

Oooh! Is Ally gonna get along with this crowd! She fits right in, makes them tow the lines, and makes Tico happy.

How could Tico NOT marry her?

Fantastic story! A real keeper!