Monday, 6 October 2008

Chapter 125

Tico didn’t wake her as soon as Hec had gone he sat and watched her sleep, god he loved this woman more than any before her, even Alejandra, and he thought he’d found his other half, but she’d decided she needed a life, and that one didn’t include him; he’d been devastated, but now, this with Ally felt more right in just this short time than it ever had with Alejandra. He prayed she’d consider what he’d said.

‘Aliado, querido es hora de despertar y de beber su café. Venido en subida y brillo del bebé.’ (Ally, darling it’s time to wake up and drink your coffee. Come on baby rise and shine.) He gently nuzzled her neck, peppering small kisses across her shoulders, making her groan and start to move, she gathered her pillow into her arms and cuddled it, still not moving from on her stomach. He chuckled; when she wanted she could be a real bed bug and not want to wake. He ran his ‘fluff’ over her shoulders, and then licked the same path.

‘Damn it Teek you just don’t play fair.’ She groused turning over and throwing her arm over his shoulders pulling him down onto her, and plastering her curves to his, her lips aiming for his and he obliged.

Just as things started to get to hot to stop he pulled back, ‘Damn woman you’re trying to kill me off!’ He was gasping for breath and trying to get his dick to calm down, talk about walking about with a raging hard on.

‘Hey asshole, I didn’t start this you did!’ She followed him and curled into his side, playing with his chest fur; his arm came about her, stroking down her arm, sneakily stroking the side of her breast every other pass. ‘Keep that up and I’m gonna jump ya!’ She growled at him as her nipple pebbled and ached for his full touch.

His hand immediately stopped, shit he needed to talk to her …………..

‘Oh for fucks sake Tico, you as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof, calm down!’ Al moved till she was laid on him, her legs lying between his, she could feel that he was pleased to see her, but his face was just one big ass frown, and boy did she know why!

‘Miel …. Querido, mi vida…’ He stuttered to a stop.

‘Aw baby, you’re nervous, how sweet, I’ve consider your proposal amour, now shut up and kiss me you idiot.’ She grinned down at the shocked look on his face, damn she needed to keep a camera by the bed, and she laughed evilly that could be sooo damn dirty to. She knew he was worried about what he’d asked as he threw her over the edge of sanity this morning, so had she been. That’s why she’d gone and worked out her feelings on that painting, she needed to know herself if this is what she truly wanted.

She knew she’d have to leave London, to make a home with him wherever he was, and Hector and that would mainly be in Florida. She also knew she’d never give up her home here, hell, she’d not even told him she’d just brought the place next door to extend her home! Plus there was the gallery; no way would she sell that! She’d got Liz and Mandy to run it, but she had a vague feeling they wouldn’t be about much in the future either. She’d racked her brains till she’d fallen into a disturbed sleep on the couch, but she’d felt his warmth about her, subconsciously, as he’d found her and brought her back to their bed. But by the time she’d awoken with Hector snuggling into her arms, she’d made a decision, and that was to love the man and his child till she’d no breath left in her body, to follow him and be by his side forever. Once she’d come to that decision, she’d snuggled Hector in her arms and fallen asleep, feeling so contented and free for the first time in decades!

Tico looked up at her and swallowed, did she really mean…. ‘You mean you’ll think about marrying me amour?’

‘Nope.’ She grinned down at him and kissed him tenderly, barely touching lips.

‘Then what do you mean?’ He was now totally confused!

‘I mean that whenever you ask me to marry you, I’ll say yes! I don’t need to think about marrying you Tico, I’ve already thought about it, now I’ll wait till you ask me.’ She pressed a hard kiss to his lips and leapt off him and the bed, heading to the bathroom. Looking back at him she laughed throatily at the stunned look, sauntered into the bathroom and locked the door.

He lay there for what must have been five minutes, his brain a total whirl, and then he smirked, the smirk changed to a grin, which in turn turned into a full blown belly laugh! She didn’t need to think about it! She’d say yes! His eyes grew wide, crap! Now he had to ask her! Jumping off the bed he headed to the bathroom, turning the knob he realised she’d locked the damn thing! Well fuck! He took it to mean she didn’t want him proposing to her in there, and then he laughed again, damn she knew him!

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