Monday, 10 November 2008

From me! lol

I'd just like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to read the little slice of my brains out put lol. And to thank you for the comments.

Hath, thanks for the help in reading bits and pieces for me, thanks honey.

Hope you all enjoyed it?

I must admit to wondering where the hell this was going when I started it! And about Tico no less, not Richie, now that was a surprise.

Now, let's see what my brain's got in store for me now ;)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved your story!!!!! Already going through withdrawal!!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!

Anonymous said...

This story was my introduction to Fan Fiction it is so good that I had to read it again. Great story,thank you can't wait to read more. y

Joviswoman said...

Well thank you very much.

Twice huh lol.

If you click my profile my main page is Joviswoman's Little World ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, hell I'm a little late for the party but THANKYOU Gail for a fantastically written, humour filled piece of fanfic. I haven't laughed so much in like, ever!


Anonymous said...

Totally loved this - it had me laughing most of the way through it. Loved your characterizations of the guys. I could "see" many of their antics as you described them.

Genie P

Anonymous said...

Ok so Im really really late for the Party but OMG this was a fantastic Fan Fic..I just loved the humor..really well written.
Julie jbj64